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Print Puzzle - "A Few More Songs" by Gene Antonio on 1/10/2022
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1- Essential oil (variant); 5- Being nothing more than; 9- Plot; 14- ___ majeste; 15- Greek goddess of the rainbow; 16- Let up; 17- James who sang "A Sunday Kind Of Love"; 18- Part of Cassius's "look" in "Julius Caesar"; 19- One may be put through them; 20- Song about a reptile's diamond?; 23- Author of "Being and Nothingness"; 24- Place for a quill; 27- Arouses, as a feeling; 31- President Nixon established it in 1970; 32- Many a semi driver; 35- FDR and JFK; 36- Summer coolers; 37- Song about fraternity houses?; 40- Word with nail or man; 41- Make sharp; 42- First name of the "First Lady Of Song"; 43- Ogre of Japanese folklore; 44- Here Kitty Kitty ___ (Las Vegas speakeasy bar); 46- Type of ID; 48- Cato's list ender; 53- Song about Volunteer State Persians?; 57- Range separating two continents; 59- Chick follower; 60- Snare; 61- Obsession; 62- Scorch; 63- Look lasciviously; 64- Flower part; 65- Bugle call; 66- Noble gas;
1- Guinness and Baldwin; 2- Popular aquarium fish; 3- Wealthy American family; 4- Change in response to a stimulus; 5- Growth produced by mold; 6- "...___ saw Elba"; 7- Currency of Yemen; 8- Lowly Anglo-Saxon; 9- Holiday birds; 10- By surprise (with "taken"); 11- Stop an older-type bike; 12- Had a dog; 13- Brown or Paul; 21- "___ Ben Jonson"; 22- Old detergent name; 25- Where the fat lady sings; 26- Incapacitate temporarily, as in a police arrest; 28- For a specific purpose, as a committee; 29- New Hampshire home of Antioch University New England; 30- Surround firmly; 32- Gregory Sierra's role on "Barney Miller"; 33- Tenderhearted; 34- Unit of energy; 36- Gallaudet U. course; 37- "___ have guessed it?"; 38- Femur's location; 39- Molly Picon in "Fiddler On the Roof"; 44- Feudal tenant; 45- They use pots; 47- Shire in "Rocky"; 49- Do something under orders; 50- It's one way to live; 51- Italian writer ___ Calvino; 52- Ski mecca; 54- Much bigger than big; 55- "What a stupid___"!; 56- Word with day or year; 57- Strike caller; 58- Charlotte of "Facts of Life";