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Print Puzzle - "Beginning Number" by Steve Zisser on 1/9/2022
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1- Give the Bronx cheer to; 5- Splinter groups; 10- Site of a noted mausoleum; 14- Pi r squared, for a circle; 15- Knock for _____; 16- ____ school; 17- Hobbes, to Calvin; 20- Dance moves, or spicy bowlfuls; 21- Lager alternative; 22- Bachelor's last words; 23- Yahoo competitor; 24- A sneak may have a hidden one; 27- Defense alliance founded in 1949; 29- TV's Jock, JR or Bobby; 32- Young 'un; 33- "LA Law" actress Susan; 36- They party hearty; 38- It runs through Greenwich; 41- Elton John and Billy Joel, for two; 42- Drano component; 43- Initial heart test; 44- Tree house?; 46- Spun wax, for example; 50- Pop, soul, and rock, for three; 52- TV oldie, "____ Sharkey"; 55- Hebrew mother; 56- Get an ____ (ace); 57- Much more than rarely; 60- Phobias; 63- Fantastic Four foe, Victor von ____; 64- Hitch on the run; 65- Frozen breakfast brand; 66- Applies a tattoo; 67- Strikes from a text; 68- "Smells Like ____ Spirit" (Nirvana);
1- Gorp tidbit; 2- 1588 Spanish fleet; 3- True believer, perhaps; 4- Goes the other way?; 5- "The ____ of Iwo Jima"; 6- Gal pal of Jerry, George and Cosmo; 7- Inc. alternative; 8- Dolls and action figures; 9- Letters for sun worshippers; 10- Like a gymnast; 11- Drink with dim sum; 12- Bled in the wash; 13- Put 2 and 2 together; 18- "____ a Rock" (Simon and Garfunkel hit); 19- Ann or Andy modifier; 24- Item that often falls on Wile E. Coyote; 25- "Rats!"; 26- They pop up from time to time; 28- One of many Norse gods that do not survive 39-D; 30- Take by force; 31- It can follow front or cash; 34- Noteworthy; 35- Many RSVPs; 37- Told tales; 38- Toll road; 39- Doomsday in Norse mythology; 40- Sinai and Olympus, for two; abbr.; 41- Al Bundy's wife; 45- Kerfuffle; 47- Era defined by its revolutionary mode of travel; 48- Come out; 49- Actor Ted of "Cheers"; 51- Goes about; 53- Gomer, Denver and Goober; 54- Reaction to a blow right in the labanza; 57- Field mouse; 58- Organic compound; 59- Pedalers?; 60- Notorious Amin; 61- Darling of the Mets, at one time; 62- Iraq War hazard, briefly;