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Print Puzzle - "The Good, the Bad and the Wacky" by Barb Olson on 1/6/2022
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1- Astrologer's edge; 5- Keep the beat, in a way; 9- Peruvian pack animal; 14- TV's "___ Met Your Mother"; 15- Russian auto make; 16- What a Paris Mint worker makes; 17- "Meh, I'm not ___ of ..."; 18- ___ the crack of dawn; 19- Base opposites, in chemistry; 20- Info on a soldier's Facebook page?; 23- Brown off; 24- "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" bride; 25- Pacifist's plea to a rival?; 32- Sheared shes; 33- Play in which "robot" was coined; 34- Conservative leader Erin O'___; 35- Düsseldorf's ctry.; 36- Away from NNW; 37- Sporty Brit. cars; 39- Sumac of song; 40- Trying to leave home?; 42- Area 51 subj., some say; 43- Urge tauntingly; 44- Like a philosophy book that's gone missing?; 48- ___-Rivières, Quebec; 49- Bit of Morse code; 50- Acrobats, clowns, a lion tamer, etc.?; 56- Prophet in a whale tale; 57- Hay loft unit; 58- Aura one may "pick up"; 59- "Cold ___" (Foreigner hit); 60- What "there oughta be"; 61- Spunky spirit; 62- Pair of cooks?; 63- Hockey hirees with red armbands; 64- Nose-in-a-book type, maybe;
1- Burn black; 2- Edmonton campus, for short; 3- "Trumpeter" bird; 4- Engineers' ring fingers; 5- Rattletraps; 6- Southern Cal. cop force; 7- Foreign traveller's plug-in; 8- Big arts funder; 9- Religious handouts; 10- Opera legend Pavarotti; 11- Seed covering; 12- Method, as of transportation; 13- Jack back; 21- Put the heat on?; 22- Terse reply to "Where are you going?"; 25- Longer than letter-size; 26- Have a balance with; 27- Sentence requirements; 28- Pool hall wall hanging; 29- "___ mind?!"; 30- Violin virtuoso Mischa; 31- Verify the tally; 36- Collar-stiffening substances; 37- Mdse. maker; 38- It "always sleeps till noon" in a Cowboy Junkies song; 41- Be good at drawing?; 42- Very posh; 43- Dished some tit-for-tat; 45- ___-turn (road sign); 46- Punish a shifty lawyer; 47- Slipper issue in "Cinderella"; 50- "___ fan tutte" (Mozart opera); 51- "If you're not ___ for love ..." (Twain lyric); 52- Count in a Lemony Snicket series; 53- Amazon competitor, sizewise; 54- Stick between a snowboarder's legs; 55- Paper airplane icon, maybe; 56- Photocopier hassle;