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Print Puzzle - "Switching It Up" by Barb Olson on 12/26/2021
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1- Tale about Aphrodite, say; 5- Stomach parts used in some dishes; 11- Bud; 14- "Thanks, bud, ___ you one"; 15- "Not bloody likely!"; 16- Argentina's Péron; 17- Demanding chef's order to a prep cook?; 20- "Crabbuckit" rapper; 21- Palm-greasing deal; 22- Medical dictionary suffix; 23- Sweeping a Tibetan temple or washing a load of saris, say?; 26- Hollywood's Humphrey; 29- "The Good Earth" mother; 30- "My mom'd have ___ if she knew!"; 31- ___-Sky Highway (Vancouver-Whistler connector); 34- Alias letters; 37- Chill time, briefly; 38- Insult about a prominent Brian Mulroney feature?; 40- Loosey-goosey with the regs; 41- It sets in "el oeste"; 42- Response to "You are not"; 43- TV sitcom "My Name is ___"; 44- Voyageurs' goods; 46- Part you shouldn't hold when passing a knife; 48- Tossing some ears around?; 53- "There's ___ in the air" (October comment, maybe); 54- Nick of "Cape Fear"; 55- Part of TSX: Abbr.; 58- "We have to start making dinner now"; 62- Whole whack; 63- No longer bothered by; 64- Biography introduction?; 65- Thus far, to a CPA; 66- Marni of Hitchcock's "The Birds"; 67- Catch sight of;
1- Co-writer of "Angie," with Keith; 2- National park near Golden, B.C.; 3- The terrible ___ (toddler's stage); 4- Super cool, in '50s-speak; 5- Castaway's concern, often; 6- Fired up again, as a barbecue; 7- Introduction to a monkey's uncle?; 8- Pursuer of a trade; 9- Brian of soothing tunes; 10- Parisian pittance; 11- Dated date-seeking option; 12- To have, in Le Havre; 13- Momentary memory gap; 18- One way to the top, for a skier; 19- Capital city of Qatar; 23- Mark the end of Ramadan; 24- "Moi? Never!"; 25- Sink plug; 26- Places with rusty nails?; 27- Point ___ return; 28- Female flame; 31- Alistair who played Scrooge; 32- Canadian duo?; 33- Shakespeare's "kerfuffle"; 35- Marx man; 36- Part of a vehicle's drive train; 38- Mag.'s distribution fig.; 39- Discuss, with "over"; 43- Subtitled lang. in the Québec film "Incendies"; 45- Eupemism for offensive; 46- Says "Come here often?", say; 47- Work without ___ (take chances); 48- Snide and gossipy; 49- Walk ___ coals (do some firewalking); 50- Without a hitch?; 51- Upper mil. rank; 52- Donald Sutherland 1971 title film role; 55- Thick fog, metaphorically; 56- Non-speaking Oz character; 57- Lock picker's snag?; 59- "Wha'd'ja say?"; 60- Suffix with sucr- and fruct-; 61- Jerry can contents;