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Print Puzzle - "It's Elementary" by Barb Olson on 11/13/2021
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1- Aardvark's snack; 4- Part of CAA: Abbr.; 8- Sets (down) heavily; 14- "The world is ___ much with us": Wordsworth; 15- Flaky mineral; 16- Big cheese in Bologna; 17- Good time to strike, elementarily; 20- Refinery barrel; 21- Mo. when many Canadians talk turkey; 22- Peter, Paul and Mary: Abbr.; 23- SNL funny girl Cheri; 24- Late night's Conan; 27- "Spring ahead" setting; 28- Bad "impressions" to leave on the earth, elementarily; 33- Bread ball in a Jewish soup; 34- Jailbird's cake "ingredient," in cartoons; 35- Social agility; 38- Something to read during a ruckus?; 41- Hip bones; 42- Dreamy-eyed; 43- "Move it!", elementarily; 47- Sue Grafton novel "___ for Outlaw"; 50- Rebuttal to "No, you're not"; 51- Faux redhead's rinse; 53- Hot place to chill out; 56- Sch. written assignment; 57- High point for Hillary; 59- Tennessee Williams Pulitzer Prize winning play, elementarily; 62- Liquid used in explosives; 63- In ___ (neck and neck); 64- Andy Capp's wife; 65- Kid's comments; 66- Let your fingers do the talking?; 67- Not agin;
1- "The Handmaiden's Tale" author; 2- Perfect pitcher's coup; 3- John, to Elton; 4- The ___ Cup (yachting trophy); 5- In ___ (as found); 6- Hobnob at a party; 7- "___ man can tether time or tide": Burns; 8- Drops on an umbrella, briefly; 9- Risk being asked to move along; 10- Utterances of uncertainty; 11- Lazy denials; 12- Hair brusher's hangup; 13- Bar stool warmers; 18- Singh, to the NDP, e.g.: Abbr.; 19- Kid's snow structure; 25- Cry to the bad guy; 26- "Sick" in the '70s; 29- B.C.'s St. John and St. James; 30- Actress Vardalos; 31- ICU supply?; 32- "All ___?" ("Ready?"); 33- Appealing to a carnivore; 35- Leaf covering certain body parts, in art; 36- ___ de Montréal; 37- It's on a monkey's back; 38- Berth on a train; 39- Lendee's letters; 40- Site seeing?; 42- Economist's deg.; 44- Piano mover's woe, perhaps; 45- Sevilla's country; 46- Heart of the matter; 47- Single occurence; 48- Support for high arches, say; 49- Posed before, as an artist; 52- Flub; 53- One who crosses the line?; 54- South American rodent; 55- ___ lot (pigged out); 58- Midsize auto engine; 60- Horse wagering hangout: Abbr.; 61- Muesli morsel;