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Print Puzzle - "Three More Songs" by Gene Antonio on 11/10/2021
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1- Dealer's worry; 5- Ed who played Mingo in TV's "Daniel Boone"; 9- Not as covered; 14- Dwarf buffalo; 15- Texas university; 16- Biting; 17- Have the lead; 18- Concerning; 19- Singer Lopez; 20- Song about a nuclear winter?; 23- Take a flier; 24- Semiconductor light source; 25- Offer guidance; 28- Future frosh, maybe; 30- Brit. lawmakers; 33- It's found with joy; 34- Lane or Griffin; 35- Billion follower; 36- Song about notes from Noah?; 39- Fencing item; 40- Eye layer; 41- Quite possibly dangerous; 42- Ave. crossers; 43- River of Central Europe; 44- Humpty Dumpty et. al.; 45- Imitate; 46- Starting over; 47- Song about forlorn footwear?; 54- Get the hang of; 55- France's national chanteuse; 56- Romain de Tirtoff; 57- Aquatic plants; 58- Ship of myth; 59- Prima ballerina Pavlova; 60- Microwave-wavelength version of a laser; 61- Prophet; 62- Letter opener;
1- Space org.; 2- Opposing; 3- Horse coat color; 4- Kind of belt; 5- Melodious; 6- Capital of Belarus; 7- Beige; 8- Noticed; 9- Went swimming; 10- Bitter; 11- Control (with "in"); 12- Marine raptor; 13- Diamond stat; 21- Second generation Japanese immigrants; 22- Partner of burn; 25- Semicircular recesses; 26- Fell in drops; 27- Grape plants; 28- One soon to be dead; 29- Hayworth of film; 30- Site of Perez Art Museum; 31- Asked way too many questions; 32- Dispatches; 34- Word before and after "and let"; 35- Kansas City stadium; 37- Some oils; 38- Overhangs; 43- Word with can or season; 44- "___ the money"; 45- Supposed emanations surrounding one's body; 46- Saw; 47- First name in film vampires; 48- Falls behind; 49- Tropical tree used for veneers; 50- Irish name for Ireland; 51- River of Normandy; 52- In Greek myth, site of the forges of Hephaestus; 53- Method of cooking a steak; 54- Flee the law;