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Print Puzzle - "Bringing Up The Rear" by Terry Gergely on 11/8/2021
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1- Separated; 6- Cattle drive vittles; 10- Classic sneakers; 14- Ham operator's gear; 15- Pro ___ (proportionate); 16- Graduate; 17- Anger former Senator Orrin of Utah; 19- Kelly of morning TV; 20- Absorbs, like biscuits with gravy; 21- Flows slowly; 22- Cardiac rhythm; 26- Take a camera likeness of comic hero Gordon; 29- Creates a cipher; 31- North Pole employee; 32- Home aquarium favorites; 33- Hershiser of the mound; 34- "This hot tub feels great!"; 37- In the midst of; 38- Rotating part; 39- Debate topic; 41- Neighbor of Isr.; 42- Ball four result; 44- Five Nations tribe; 45- Mine find; 46- Trim; 47- Emulate a flatfish; 52- Care for, as a garden; 53- Has yet to say "I do"; 54- Pub orders; 56- Carrie's "Star Wars" role; 57- Hippopotamus, translated literally; 63- Posterior side (Theme hint); 64- Crude cartel, briefly; 65- Held title to; 66- Jean d'Arc and Bernadette: Abbr.; 67- Middle or Far; 68- Student's anxiety inducers;
1- Circle segment; 2- Course standard; 3- Ruckus; 4- "___ for Ricochet" (Grafton novel); 5- Throw out; 6- Plots with axes; 7- Dustin's "Midnight Cowboy" character; 8- Clock setting std. at Greenwich meridian; 9- Partner of "humbug"; 10- John Paul II's given name; 11- Miss Doolittle of "My Fair Lady"; 12- Bamboozles; 13- Big screen blockbuster; 18- Aspirations; 21- Disconnected from the internet; 22- Software pre-release versions; 23- Bitter adversary; 24- Role player; 25- Conflicted; 27- Limit for some incumbants; 28- "Bravo!"; 30- Comic character with a hero?; 33- Acorn dropper; 34- Thespian's remark to the house; 35- "Funeral Blues" poet W. H.; 36- Got wind of; 38- Staff member?; 40- Email status; 43- Pitcher's asset; 44- Further along in years; 46- Choose one; 47- Tulips to be; 48- "___ a time, please"; 49- A couple of times; 50- Trees used in shipbuilding; 51- Gutter mounts; 55- Jigger in a glass; 57- Caviar; 58- Variety of 54A, initially; 59- Be indebted; 60- ICU workers; 61- Film studio stage; 62- Mag. staffers;