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Print Puzzle - "It's a Mad MAD World" by Barb Olson on 11/7/2021
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1- Overeater's waist material?; 5- Levy on smokes, booze, etc.; 11- Cobbler's punch; 14- Backyard access; 15- Like a neigh-sayer?; 16- Avril Lavigne's "Sk8ter ___"; 17- Start of a quip by Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman; 20- Prepare for a drive; 21- 151, in old Rome; 22- Major finale?; 23- Supply with fresh staff; 24- CBC's "The Debaters" regular Lara; 25- Williams who played Potsie on "Happy Days"; 26- Part 2 of the quip; 29- Suffix with accept and allow; 30- Int'l. supporter of the arts; 31- State of Sydney, Aus.; 32- Hill who lost his Juno Award, literally; 34- ___ Maria (coffee liqueur); 36- Guy's eHarmony profile, briefly; 39- Queasy feeling; 43- Cowboy's necktie; 47- Part 3 of the quip; 50- Had 39-Across, say; 51- It holds a doz. eggs; 52- "What can I ___ you?"; 53- Some Pontiac muscle cars; 54- Granby grocery bag; 55- "Eight Is Enough" actor Willie; 56- End of the quip; 60- Antacid that "gets to work in 6 seconds"; 61- Showing tact and good taste; 62- It usually has a void?; 63- P preceders in an invitation; 64- Performs over; 65- 1974 Donald Sutherland spoof on the CIA;
1- NHL Panthers state; 2- Patio light in a Kim Mitchell song; 3- Pale and listless: Var.; 4- In a state of mourning; 5- Flow slowly; 6- Mensa members' measures; 7- Crackpot; 8- Dressed business casual, maybe; 9- "___ Love Her" (The Beatles); 10- Marked a ballot, in a way; 11- Meets with, as joist to stud; 12- Chinese soup dumplings; 13- Still in perfect condition; 18- Old letter; 19- Québec's Lévesque; 23- Dietary ideal, on food labels: Abbr.; 24- ___ Tin Tin; 25- Mine, in Thetford Mines; 27- Charge toward; 28- Based on the number 8; 33- "And giving ___, up the chimney he rose"; 35- Navel sites; 36- Cocky walk; 37- Becomes pale; 38- Explosive kind of cocktail; 40- Let fly; 41- Louis Armstrong's nickname; 42- A on a German test?; 44- Present, as a gift to the gods; 45- How a plus size fits a petite person; 46- Bobby who wrote "My Game"; 48- Adventurous story or deed; 49- Dutch town noted for its cheese; 54- Bygone blade; 55- Singer Grant and writer Tan; 57- Netanyahu's nation: Abbr.; 58- Pub pintful; 59- Injury rosters, in baseball: Abbr.;