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Print Puzzle - "Climb the Peaks" by Andrew McSorley on 4/4/2010
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1- Black volcanic rock; 7- Rainbows; 11- Defunct maker of the Pacer & Gremlin; 14- Greek forums; 15- "Hud" Oscar winner; 16- Company VIP; 17- This highest peak in Africa is an inactive volcano; 19- Globe; 20- "My Fair Lady" lady; 21- Heart line; 22- Naval Petty Officer; 23- Change the decor; 24- Promoting religious unity; 26- Nada; 28- Go back to sleep?; 29- Just barely made the mark.; 35- Feds. abbrev.; 37- Freelancer's enc.; 38- This is the highest peak of them all; 41- Old Mideast inits.; 42- ___ and sciences; 44- This highest peak in Western Europe is a popular destination for hikers.; 46- Head cheese; 49- Dundee denial; 50- Schoenberg, and other 20th century classical composers; 54- Method pc's use to find their own problems, abbrev.; 58- Funnyman Brooks; 59- "Peer Gynt" dramatist; 60- Essential acid; 61- Vane dir.; 62- Improv comedy troupe from California; 64- Leb. neighbor; 65- Not theirs; 66- This highest peak in North America is also (controversially) named for a U.S. President.; 67- They add up to lbs.; 68- Teaching guides for physics, chemistry, etc. Abbrev.; 69- Measure of 56 down.;
1- Bread maker; 2- Like a gymnast; 3- Unwavering; 4- Grand Canyon State; 5- Tibetan monk; 6- Airport screening org.; 7- Winter pear; 8- Prepare for battle; 9- 39th President; 10- "Out of My League" actress Lindsay; 11- This Andean peak is the highest point in the Western Hemisphere; 12- Chemical added to natural gas to give it its distinctive odor; 13- One of the original computer programming languages; 18- Computer system security protocol, abbrev.; 24- Map abbr.; 25- The "Barefoot Contessa" Garten.; 27- World-wide energy market, abbrev.; 29- Govt. agency that has your number; 30- This "pyramid" mountain in Indonesia is the highest point in the South Pacific.; 31- Those repurposing a factory; 32- One side of the aisle, abbrev.; 33- Sis's sib; 34- It's made in Japan; 36- Camera type, abbrev.; 39- Where the locals meet the expresses, abbrev.; 40- As yet unscheduled, abbrev.; 43- Overhead light?; 45- Arctic rodent; 47- Former name of Ho Chi Minh City; 48- This peak in the Caucasus range is the highest in Europe; 50- Prenatal test, for short; 51- An ugly bruised ego?; 52- Children's doctor?; 53- Spike TV, formerly; 55- Kuwaiti cash; 56- The space formed by two lines diverging from a single point; 57- World War Two-era 'riveter'; 60- Sheltered, nautically; 63- Very large bra size.;