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Print Puzzle - "Honey, Take the Wheel" by Barb Olson on 10/18/2021
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1- Treats leather; 5- Leaves in a pot?; 8- Tiler's gunk; 13- Short race, for short; 14- Felix and Oscar, notably; 16- Part 1 of a Rodney Dangerfield quip; 18- ___ of water (lakes, oceans, etc.); 19- Leather slip-ons, briefly; 20- Bid ___ farewell; 21- Part 2 of the quip; 26- Beach bird; 28- Stay for dinner; 29- Jack or jenny; 32- Drive (away) speedily; 34- Italian opera house, with "La"; 35- "You look like you ___ ghost"; 37- Part 3 of the quip; 40- Turn off, as lights; 41- Have ___ for music; 43- Fish in fresh water; 45- Chatroom chuckle; 46- Kid's complaints; 48- Nfld. and Lab., e.g.; 50- Part 4 of the quip; 53- "Family Circus" cartoonist Bil; 57- Wee bit, as lotion; 58- Pricey German ride, in slang; 59- End of the quip; 63- Squirming in one's seat, say; 64- Suffix with synth-; 65- Cardio-boxing routine; 66- "Bleu" part of "une carte"; 67- Shoulder muscle, in gym-speak;
1- Olympic champ Alberto nicknamed "la Bomba"; 2- "Is there ___ that left?"; 3- Change of coif; 4- 1-Down's sport; 5- "Hang ten" digits; 6- Middle of P.E.I.: Abbr.; 7- Butler's famous last words; 8- "Understood"; 9- Certain P.E.I. exports; 10- Photo-___ (celeb shoots); 11- Suffix with nod or mod; 12- Nickname for a Dallas cowboy, maybe; 15- Bill featuring Sir Robert Borden, slangily; 17- Had it "to here"; 21- "___ My Heart in San Francisco"; 22- Dark German beer; 23- Make use (of); 24- "Eleanor Rigby" instrument; 25- Jazz singer/pianist Diana from Nanaimo, B.C.; 27- Its zodiac symbol is a squiggle; 29- Easy ___ (child's play); 30- Capital of Yemen; 31- ___ on a stack of bibles; 33- Alternative to leg., paperwise; 36- "Rubaiyat" rhyme scheme; 38- B.C.'s ___- Princeton Highway; 39- Czech Republic's cont.; 42- Ordered pints, paid later; 44- Dragged on a joint; 47- Contributes; 49- Turned sharply; 51- "Ditto"; 52- Letter-shaped girder; 54- Teeny amount; 55- "On the Beach" author Shute; 56- Walking with a book on one's head, say; 58- Certain Dutch colonist; 59- Punster's forte; 60- In the style of; 61- Marlins' and Mets' div.; 62- "Prufrock" poet's monogram;