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Print Puzzle - "Great Scot(s)!" by Barb Olson on 10/13/2021
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1- Goals, assists, etc., briefly; 6- Picks up, as a quick bite; 11- Bottom half of B.C.'s flag; 14- "Gosh darn!"; 15- Lash ___ (attack); 16- Take illicit drugs; 17- Actor who first said "Bond, James Bond"; 19- P-shaped Greek letter; 20- Etta ___ (old comic strip heroine); 21- "Lethal Weapon" lethal weapon; 22- It might be busted at a nightclub; 24- Twin brothers who sing the lyric "I will walk five hundred miles ..."; 29- Scandal-ridden writer Marquis de ____; 30- Peek-a-boo player's words; 31- Down or out; 35- Head to the penthouse; 36- Racecar driver who wore a tartan-trimmed helment; 40- Headlight?; 41- Noted tax evader Al; 42- Lifted a hem, say; 44- Prefix with -dextrous; 48- Canadian leader dubbed "the Old Chieftain"; 52- Pal of Sporty, Scary, Baby and Ginger; 53- Gmail rival; 54- Ship-related: Abbr.; 56- "Kill Bill" actress Lucy; 57- He penned the words to "Auld Lang Syne"; 61- Test ordered by a neurologist, for short; 62- "___ and his money are soon parted"; 63- Rogers ___, home of the Canucks; 64- Add-on meaning "or so"; 65- In a rush; 66- "Which is it, ___no?";
1- Scott Moe's prov.; 2- Twitter posts; 3- Christie of mystery; 4- Put down stakes?; 5- Brief time; 6- Big-nosed, bug-eyed Muppet; 7- Like Old Norse inscriptions; 8- Put away, in a way; 9- Piece of music?; 10- Completely confound; 11- Measurer of property lines; 12- Show to the door; 13- New, at the beginning; 18- Canadian anthem's third word; 23- Horseshoe-shaped Greek letter; 25- Tiptop; 26- Deceive verbally; 27- "Dumb & Dumber" Colorado destination; 28- Dine at dusk; 32- "Attack, Cujo!"; 33- "You can ___ horse to water ..."; 34- Mind reader's claim, in brief; 36- Rickety rides; 37- "However, ..."; 38- "Fargo" creators Ethan and Joel; 39- Ease off the bottle; 40- Trek to Mecca; 43- Filled with the old team spirit; 45- Natural garden fertilizer; 46- Loud trumpet sounds; 47- Verbal shrug; 49- Strait between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia; 50- Lace mat in a parlour, perhaps; 51- Flamenco dancer's cry; 55- Russian ruler, once; 56- Ring around the collar, perhaps; 58- Son-gun link; 59- Peep with sheep, and others; 60- Thunder ___, Ontario;