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Print Puzzle - "Big, But Not Caps" by Mark McClain on 10/6/2021
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1- Furious; 4- Finished fourth in a four horse race; 8- Harder to look at; 14- Had some lunch; 15- Every single one; 16- In a sorry fashion; 17- It's the largest city, but not the capital of China; 19- Bit of a scrap; 20- Closing musical passage; 21- Implied, but not articulated; 23- Last Greek letter; 25- It's the largest city, but not the capital of Scotland; 30- Base of our numbering system; 31- Rainbow color; 35- Killer whale; 36- Coffee/chocolate combo; 37- Canoes and schooners; 38- It's the largest city, but not the capital of the US; 41- Track events; 43- Weird; 44- Noted Persian poet; 45- Positive trait; 47- Summa ___ laude; 50- It's the largest city, but not the capital of Canada; 52- Soothing ointment; 54- Whenever ready; 58- Schlepp; 59- Noon; 63- It's the largest city, but not the capital of Brazil; 65- Not so difficult; 66- Money in Turkey; 67- ___ Diego, Calif.; 68- More than required; 69- Swirling current; 70- Pluralizing letter;
1- Sports team's lucky animal; 2- Not out on the town; 3- Numb; 4- One of two to walk on; 5- Honolulu's locale; 6- MRI, for one; 7- The one right here; 8- Raise higher on one end; 9- Cheese from Holland; 10- Spanish article; 11- US tax agency; 12- Building wing; 13- Grain in some whiskeys; 18- Worn out old horse; 22- Number on some birthday cards; 24- Declares; 26- Black with residue; 27- Color lighter than black; 28- Halloween mo.; 29- Used to be; 32- Hazardous, in winter; 33- Exclamation of discovery; 34- Symbols of happiness; 36- Subway system; 37- Two-wheelers; 38- Close by; 39- Fish in decorative ponds; 40- Fish in a fish market; 41- Witty remark; 42- Confessional music genre; 45- Speaks; 46- Cartoon explosion; 47- Part of a sentence; 48- Throat danglers; 49- Cantaloupes, etc.; 51- Large cathedral areas; 53- Exclamation of discovery; 55- ___ of Skye; 56- Put down, as carpet; 57- "The ___ is my shepherd ..."; 59- Golfing gadget; 60- Ear accumulation; 61- Corner PC key; 62- Perjurer's statement; 64- Foot the bill;