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Print Puzzle - "Weather Report" by Richard Shlakman on 10/2/2021
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1- Gin flavoring fruit; 5- Packaging for sugar and spice?; 9- Pine tree extrusion; 14- Frosted flakes Tiger; 15- Peak near Olympus; 16- Likeness; 17- Posthumous Pulitzer winner, playwrite James; 18- Temperamental soprano; 19- Steer; 20- Deli order for buffet table; 23- Like a hereditary instinct; 24- Nickname for young Skywalker; 25- He was told: "What we've got here is failure to communicate."; 32- PC "brain"; 35- 107, to Caesar; 36- It has its ups and downs; 37- Mona in the Louvre; 39- Sleep wear that has been shortened?; 41- Where you are when you're over the hill?; 42- Sour; 45- Part of SEATO; 48- Not opposin'; 49- Job for a rookie, often; 52- Obama pre-POTUS; 53- Where the chalk goes; 57- Words before and after "Read all about it"; 62- Respected man; 63- Setting for Camus's "The Plague"; 64- Intro to physics?; 65- Construction site sight; 66- Missing; 67- Contraction with "do" or "work"; 68- Like the Vikings; 69- Reactions when the obvious becomes clear; 70- Not us;
1- Actress Keanan of "Step By Step."; 2- Access in the digital age; 3- Some dumbbells, for short; 4- Ophthalmologist, conversationally; 5- Russian Czar and Mussorgsky Opera; 6- Words starting many guesses; 7- "Do you plan to attend?"; 8- Yellow Telletubby with a repetitive name; 9- Disparage a laundry room pod?; 10- Give off; 11- Circular announcement; 12- Frankenstein's assistant, in film; 13- Financial bottom line; 21- Very airy shoe; 22- Columnists Landers and Coulter; 26- Sass; 27- Sana'a scarf; 28- Fronted; 29- It recently acquired a Space Command: Abbr.; 30- Very fibrous green; 31- Still life water pitcher; 32- Lobster leg; 33- Type of type; 34- Computer operator; 38- Green machine?; 40- Dallas to Houston dir.; 43- "This one's mine"; 44- Toque wearer; 46- Offers a reward; 47- Training bra size; 50- Cover completely; 51- Recluse; 54- Choppers; 55- Basket fiber; 56- Hymn; 57- Bindle bearer; 58- ___ and terminer (criminal court); 59- Darjeeling and oolong; 60- "Drop____" (dare to shoot the moon); 61- Eggs are set on it; 62- Hubbub;