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Print Puzzle - "Oxymoron" by Fred Geldon on 10/1/2021
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1- Honoree on the second Sunday in May; 5- Two fisted task; 13- Put on a pedestal; 16- Deadly heel; 17- All male Canadian alt-rock band; 19- Title not yet acquired by Miss Spain: Abbr.; 20- 60 minuti in Venice; 21- Sue Grafton's "___ for Corpse"; 22- Dustin Hoffman at 121 years of age; 29- European capital; 31- Proud owner of a 5 year pin, perhaps; 32- Singer Tori; 33- Sabbeths in Saudi Arabia; 36- Body English; 41- What is needed if some skin is left on the potato; 42- Bay bobber; 43- Wilson, Wheeler, Hivassee and Norris are 4 of the 16 that were built; 45- Marsh like; 46- Where to roast marshmallows; 49- Twosome; 50- Before, poetically; 51- Broadcast; 54- "We did it for the kids."; 61- Removal; 62- "I didn't do it"; 63- Put together; 64- Choice word?;
1- Fairy queen et. al.; 2- Sixth Jewish month; 3- Atticus Finch, for example; 4- Is for two?; 5- Coll. deg. requiring math and science courses; 6- "___ better be good!"; 7- Bucks, on a scoreboard; 8- Site of the Edmund Pettus Bridge: Abbr.; 9- Leftorium proprietor on "The Simpsons"; 10- New York city; 11- Put away one's own groceries?; 12- Number often written inside parenthesis; 14- Online line; 15- 1960's-70's Dodge; 18- Dark green leafy fiber-filled vegetable; 23- How Romans divided the week; 24- Now domesticated alley cat; 25- Sometimes found in saddles; 26- Does the chasing in tag; 27- NASA mission to measure how deforestation has contributed to atmospheric CO2, for short; 28- "Arrested Development" star David Crosby to his wife's fans, perhaps; 29- Results of liberal arts majors; 30- Arabic for "commander"; 34- Answer to "Whose your sweety pie?"; 35- Kiss and hug (Brit.); 37- Basilica center; 38- Prefix with spire or script.; 39- Author Arnold of the "Fly Guy" childrens' book series; 40- One of the five primary questions a newspaper article should answer, phonetically (repeated three times); 44- Referring to a talking horse that belongs to me; 45- Cook's strainer; 46- Seethes; 47- Vexes; 48- Jonathon ____, who played the role of vampire Barnabas Collins on Dark Shadows; 49- Movement branded as "anti-art"; 52- What Watty Piper's Little Engine thought; 53- Depend; 55- Can opener?; 56- Green machine?; 57- Splatter guard; 58- Response to humorous text; 59- Dallas to Memphis dir.; 60- Finale in "A Chorus Line";