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Print Puzzle - "Flip the Bird" by Barb Olson on 9/30/2021
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1- Pessimist's lead-in; 6- ___ loco (downright daffy); 11- Amer. battleship letters; 14- Isle where Ariadne was left; 15- "___ a stinker?" (Bugs Bunny line); 16- Brief time out?; 17- Looking after Huey, Dewey and Louie?; 19- Orch. conductor's deg.; 20- Accessory to a Lizzie Borden crime?; 21- "Ear" prefix with -rhinolaryngology; 22- "Pour me ___, bartender"; 24- Ruler over a colony of Antarctic waddlers?; 29- Toledo toodle-oo; 30- Gather dust in storage; 31- Mid-ranking RCMP; 32- Wheels for hockey moms; 34- Quizzical; 35- Put Puss in Boots up for sale?; 39- PC user's panic button; 42- Emoticon colon, often; 43- Unlikely acrobats; 46- What to give unwanted followers; 49- D-sharp equivalent; 50- Arts and music enjoyed by a scavenging flock?; 53- Ancient Athenian theatre; 54- "Big Little Lies" network; 55- Fed. riding reps; 57- Minor concerns, maybe?; 58- Dove's perch at the bar?; 63- Find tenants for; 64- Ontario town near Fergus; 65- Shrivelled plum; 66- Verb that sounds like its middle letter; 67- Slack off on the job; 68- Threw a party for;
1- "___ Club" (50 Cent hit); 2- Socks worn with flip-flops, fashionwise; 3- Goes too far; 4- Tickety-boo; 5- Blog feed letters; 6- Singer Page or LaBelle; 7- Discovered by chance; 8- Team outfit, for short; 9- ___ Dew (revised brand name); 10- Hulking galoot; 11- Not cook well enough; 12- When repeated, a blasé reply to "What's new?"; 13- Traded jabs; 18- Broke records?; 23- Bach's "Bist du ___ mir"; 25- Poetic "near"; 26- "I've ___ funny feeling ..."; 27- Figure skating coach Stojko; 28- Dewy fog; 32- App used to screen your calls?; 33- Don Ho's instrument, for short; 36- Sarnia-born golfer Mike; 37- Highland homestead; 38- North Korea/China border river; 39- "And, presto!"; 40- Quiver with revulsion; 41- Girl's name meaning "heavenly"; 44- Offload, as a job or the kids; 45- Beginning of a how-to booklet; 47- Three before V; 48- Thrown together as one; 49- Cybertruck creator Musk; 51- Darling, in Drummondville; 52- Undersea menace in WWII; 56- Snowmobile, to snowmobilers; 59- Worldwide workers' grp.; 60- Palindromic prince in the Bible; 61- Sunblock stat; 62- Italian "three";