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Print Puzzle - "E's Dropping" by Barb Olson on 9/26/2021
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1- Like Thor, Odin and Frigg; 6- Adam ___, director of many Ferrell films; 11- Charmin and Cottonelle, for short; 14- Arouse, as memories; 15- Come up; 16- Product of an underground industry; 17- Way Fido shows greater happiness?; 19- Number of days in a fortnight, to Cicero; 20- They're the tops at the Calgary Stampede; 21- "Je t'___" (French lover's words); 22- "You Ain't Seen Nothing ___" (BTO hit); 23- Rip-off artist at Dairy Queen?; 27- Bus. biggie; 28- Hearing aids?; 29- "Are not!" comeback; 32- Had pull?; 37- Strait-laced rodents issuing loans?; 40- Experience-based skill; 41- Savings or chequing: Abbr.; 42- "Act now!"; 43- Suffix with par- and char-; 45- Ticked off north of the 49th parallel?; 50- Where: Lat.; 53- "Stellar, dude!"; 54- Square pegs in round holes, idiomatically; 56- Storied bldg.; 57- "In re: Mr. Horton, of coffee shop fame"?; 60- Gentle treatment of a prized object; 61- "Gracias," across the Pyrenees; 62- "___ Doone" (1869 novel); 63- Yup's lazier cousin; 64- On the ___ (not working); 65- "Don't be ___ in the neck";
1- Filled with gossip; 2- Egg-shaped; 3- Man of many words?; 4- Piece on "SNL"; 5- Weensie opening?; 6- River to the Seine; 7- Grow louder, in music: Abbr.; 8- Korean automaker; 9- Donkey kin; 10- "___ haw!" (hoedown holler); 11- Marked with a skull and crossbones, maybe; 12- The best; 13- Deadly sins quantity; 18- ___ Pops (chocolate flavoured cereal); 21- "Et-gay ost-lay!"; 24- Lace up again; 25- Pull in, so to speak; 26- Limp as ___ doll; 27- Guffaw-inducing; 29- Go ___ (lose it); 30- Anonymous man; 31- What a beer bonger doesn't do; 32- Baker or Bryant; 33- BMO's competitors; 34- Tic-toe go-between; 35- "... to name just a few": Abbr.; 36- Spring forward setting: Abbr.; 38- Scientology founder Hubbard; 39- Suffix with gen- or fren-; 43- "___ Anything" ("Oliver!" song); 44- ___ rasa (clean slate); 45- Unappealing to a vegan, likely; 46- Jobs creation?; 47- Abandon, slangily; 48- "___ of kindness, however small, is ever wasted": Aesop; 49- "Mad Men" subject, casually; 50- Prefix meaning extreme; 51- Russian pancake; 52- "What a piece of work ___!": "Hamlet"; 55- At the apex of; 57- Global lending org.; 58- Three times, in an Rx; 59- ___ Lanka;