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Print Puzzle - "Doing the Rounds" by Barb Olson on 9/20/2021
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1- Budget alternative; 5- ___ Talk; 8- Controversial Nabakov novel; 14- Craving company; 16- Says ten Hail Marys, say; 17- Missing at the mess hall; 18- Hy's menu choices; 19- Busy times at Tim Hortons, briefly; 20- A Latin grammatical case; 22- Cattle, in old verse; 23- It spends a lot of time on the road; 24- Most subject to change; 26- Gave the nod; 29- ___ a million; 30- Where to find the scoop?; 31- Scottish biscuits; 33- Kind of talk in the locker room; 36- Quietens, with "down"; 38- "Ew, that's more than I needed to know!"; 39- "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" being; 41- Alias letters; 42- Friendly ghost of toondom; 45- First rate; 46- Many an Albertan expanse; 47- One whose work is carved in stone; 49- "Ey-yi-yi!"; 52- New ager's celebration, briefly?; 53- Teaching field: Abbr.; 54- Hairnets; 56- Overalls flap; 59- First rate, with "second"; 61- Fourteen pounds, to a Brit; 63- Has had one's fill; 64- Private meeting for two ... and how the word pairs featured in this puzzle are arranged; 65- Fished with a large net; 66- That girl; 67- Gymkhana gait;
1- Word that means "seaweed" in Latin; 2- "Va va ___!"; 3- Holiday and Days; 4- Date; 5- Directed at; 6- Sob when a sniffle will do, say; 7- Schwartz's is a famous one in Montreal; 8- Librarian's charge; 9- Gambling parlour, briefly; 10- Check (on), as a sleeping child; 11- Navel architecture?; 12- Most Young Drivers of Canada members; 13- Farmer's property or plow, say; 15- Hawkins of old school dances; 21- "Sweathog" Barbarino; 23- "The ___" (BC-based emag named for a Pacific salmon); 25- Relating to bus. finances; 26- Prefix meaning eight; 27- Palindromic nut?; 28- Tolstoy's Karenina; 29- Pizzazz; 32- Diag. imaging test; 33- When repeated, show disdain for; 34- Suffix with comedi-; 35- Look at closely, as through a peephole; 37- Many a Nigerian-based email; 40- Like petticoat trim; 43- Source of licorice flavouring; 44- City midway between Calgary and Edmonton; 46- Masked mammal: Var.; 48- Lord Byron's "The Lament of ___"; 49- Certain mixed-race Canadian; 50- ___ of one's own medicine; 51- It means the world to Caesar?; 52- Good, in the Gasp├ęsie; 55- "This is soooo exciting!"; 56- Unrefined kind; 57- ___ way, shape or form; 58- Borscht basis; 60- 180 degrees from SSW; 62- Mine blaster: Abbr.;