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Print Puzzle - "Acronym for Gourmands" by Mark McClain on 9/10/2021
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1- Tailor's line; 5- Entertain; 10- Nonstick cookware brand; 14- Jai ___ (fronton game); 15- Twangy; 16- Large earthenware jar; 17- *Decorative stone structure enclosing flower beds; 19- Look intently; 20- Franklin Roosevelt's First Lady; 21- NFL speedster who tries to prevent pass completions, informally; 22- Slick, in the winter; 23- Brownish yellow; 26- Houston baseball pro; 29- *Linda Ronstadt's signature song about a southern stream; 33- Brit's "john"; 34- Jeweled crown; 36- ___ on the dotted line; 37- Arched parts of feet; 39- Engines for big trucks; 41- Speed of sound unit; 42- Assisting; 44- Pleasant pasture; 45- *Medical term for having your head examined?; 47- Euphorically silly; 49- Pert; 50- Class for new arrivals (abbr.); 51- Suspicious, informally; 54- Not so large; 58- Diminutive suffix; 59- *Monumental accomplishment; 62- Bygone Russian ruler; 63- ___ Day (tree-planting occasion); 64- Dublin's land; 65- Acronym for a buffet restaurant which stands for the words "hidden" at the ends of the *clue answers; 66- Municipal water carriers; 67- Rather and Quayle;
1- Stuffing herb; 2- Israeli airline; 3- Rhine tributary in Switzerland; 4- Where loop-the-loops are executed; 5- Bother; 6- Bryn ___ College; 7- Mexico's neighbor (abbr.); 8- Erie Canal mule of song; 9- Building wing; 10- Generals, admirals, etc.; 11- Pet nuisance; 12- Actor Guinness or Baldwin; 13- Bird that personifies happiness; 18- Camouflage, as a message; 21- Society newcomer; 23- Almost ancient; 24- Brought up to speed, say; 25- Confine, in a way; 26- Out on ___ (risky situation); 27- Underwater detection device; 28- Puccini's title soprano; 29- ABCs; 30- Give way; 31- Looked at crudely; 32- What you can't do to take back an insult; 35- "No bid from me!"; 38- Colloquial phrase for something nearby that has an extra word; 40- Spider's creation; 43- Any of SMTWTFS; 46- No vote in committee; 48- Undernourished, probably; 50- Mideast rulers; 51- Greek cheese; 52- ___-bitsy; 53- Choppy, in music (abbr.); 54- Before long; 55- "Star Wars" princess; 56- Get by working; 57- UPS drivers' assignments (abbr.); 59- Large meat counter purchase; 60- Named time period; 61- Baseball slugger's stat;