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Print Puzzle - "Cut It Out!" by Barb Olson on 9/8/2021
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1- Flower stalk; 5- Redford and De Niro: Abbr.; 10- Four-mo. school term; 13- Part of an angel costume; 14- Mutual of ___, insurance company; 15- Like ironic humour; 16- Motto of geriatric ex-Montréal Canadiens?; 19- New Zealand parrots; 20- Boy toy?; 21- Melville novel set in the South Seas; 22- Botching, with "up"; 25- Showing shock, in a way; 27- Divorcée's schemes?; 29- "Well,___-di-dah!"; 30- Word with crack or crock; 31- Unlikely film type for a matinee; 35- Toddler's cube; 38- Just ___ of (not quite); 40- Gumption; 41- Frolicking; 43- Elephant's "fan"; 45- Roadside Assistance grp.; 46- Group of musicians who play "single-handedly"?; 50- Solidify, as Jell-o; 53- Unlike a tank top or muscle shirt; 54- Baseball's Jesus or Moises; 55- "Treasure Island" author's initials; 57- Ingrid's "Casablanca" role; 58- Association that does not accept university instructors?; 62- It's big on a braggart; 63- Smooches, in Brit-speak; 64- Dutch painter Jan van der ___; 65- The "S" in GPS: Abbr.; 66- Sealy mattress rival; 67- Wraps up;
1- HBO alternative, in TV Guide; 2- Is a bore at a staff party, maybe; 3- Firstborn; 4- Angora goat's coat; 5- Do a bank job; 6- Siberia's second largest city; 7- Rotten-to-the-core type; 8- What lost items "vanish into"; 9- Manuscript submitters encl.; 10- Eastern mystic; 11- ___ the side of caution; 12- It "has fleas" in a music tuning ditty; 17- "Piece of cake!"; 18- Gets right on (it); 22- Cracker-like "toast"; 23- Honour highly; 24- GM muscle cars; 26- Clothes line?; 28- It was a gas in surgery; 32- Did a major dig; 33- "Cheers" server; 34- Sum up again; 36- Become plugged, as a drain; 37- "Citizen ___" (Welles film); 39- Orange French fry veggies; 42- The first 12-month cycle; 44- Archeologist's treasure; 47- Fully in favour of; 48- Remove a certain deposit from, as in pipes; 49- "Children should ___ and not heard"; 50- Old age supports?; 51- Suffix with sex and reflex; 52- "Tsk tsk" elicitors; 56- RCMP rank; 59- Blog feed letters; 60- Mama bear, in Madrid; 61- Tree ring equivalents: Abbr.;