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Print Puzzle - "Low Hanging Fruit" by Richard Shlakman on 9/5/2021
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1- Beat decisively; 6- Had on; 10- Spa treatment often followed by a pedi; 14- Students take them during classes; 15- Mimicked; 16- Bickering; 17- Politically unstable countries, in a term coined by O.Henry; 20- Occupants of a shell; 21- Pull strings?; 22- Indian metropolis; 23- Voice below soprano; 25- Go faster; 26- A daughter according to many a father; 31- It's often found in a vodka and tonic, informally; 32- Atmospheric prefix; 33- Lucy Lawless role; 37- Organ said to be held to the ground in order to be informed; 38- Mentors in a way; 42- Top secret?; 43- Bids opposite in stock trades; 45- It's often found in a vodka and tonic; 46- It runs 2,370 miles from Key West to the Canadian border; 48- Worker who volunteers for the simple assignments; 52- Swiss ski resort favored by the rich and famous; 55- Words said with one's right hand raised; 56- Woven fabric; 57- Genetically identical to another; 59- Makes mad; 63- "That was easy", and a hint to the first part of 17, 28, and 48 across; 66- Olympic fencing event; 67- Bathroom fixture; 68- Where the big gig is held; 69- T-men and G-men; 70- Corporate bigwigs; 71- "Who's your ____";
1- Broadcaster of "Mad Money"; 2- Sound heard when a tornado approaches; 3- Eponymous magazine founder; 4- Coastal barrier; 5- "As Seen on TV" channel; 6- "Be careful of its side effects"; 7- Newspaper's space for subjectivity; 8- Result of an auto loan default, familiarly; 9- End of a freshman's email; 10- Result of an X and a Y chromosome; 11- Like the Leaning Tower of Pisa; 12- Architectural cubbyhole; 13- "Gooooooooal!"; 18- Insurance category; 19- Time to blow out the candles, for short; 24- Princess who helps Wicket Wystri Warrick save two other 34 down; 25- Present; 26- Cruise ship passenger on a travel day; 27- Elhi orgs.; 28- Previously banned legislative inducement recently re-allowed; 29- Skiing champion nicknamed "The Herminator"; 30- Permission granted; 34- See 24 down; 35- Supreme Court count; 36- Golden ___; 39- Conked out; 40- DVD technology made it obsolete; 41- Pejorative slang name for a corporate executive; 44- Excoriates; 47- Astronaut Wally, who went into space in the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs; 49- "ROFLMAO!"; 50- Homer Simpson exclamations when snatching cash from Marge; 51- Hint of hunger; 52- Treble sign; 53- Feature of a gable roof; 54- Hauled away; 57- "Bring on the weekend"; 58- Sot; 60- "If only I had listened"; 61- Word in some good poker hands; 62- Dog command, often following "sit"; 64- White House foreign policy advisory grp.; 65- Fleeting fascination;