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Print Puzzle - "36-Across" by Mark McClain on 9/3/2021
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1- Possessed; 4- Home of Iowa State University; 8- Cereal serving dish; 12- Take advantage of; 13- Bond issued by a city, informally; 14- Poem by 36-Across published in 1831 which was revised, renamed and later published as 63-Across; 17- Poem by 36-Across published in 1849; 19- Serenade; 20- Movie director Carlo who married Sophia Loren; 21- Banks, credit unions, and the like; 22- Bend, as an elbow; 24- "Good heavens!"; 26- Choosing rhyme opener; 27- Type of Greek column; 29- Recipe amt.; 31- Food intake standard (abbr.); 32- Ideal; heavenly; 34- Tiny amount (or Greek letter); 36- Noted American writer of poems, tales and novels; 41- Move like molasses; 42- Movie jobs for doubles; 44- "What's the ___?" ("Who cares?"); 47- Fourth down play in football, often; 49- Go around furtively; 50- ___ rye (sandwich order); 52- Coral structure; 54- ___-bitsy; 55- Carve in metal; 57- More resplendent; 59- Right away; 60- Poem by 36-Across published in 1849; 63- Poem by 36-Across published in 1843; 64- Leaves; 65- Cattle herd member; 66- Decorative pitcher; 67- Merely; 68- Understanding;
1- Humble home; 2- Compound leaf tree; 3- Dredged, as a canal; 4- Prayer's end; 5- Prefix meaning lots; 6- Join the military; 7- Family girl; 8- Air Force facility; 9- Express a view; 10- Gad about aimlessly; 11- Story from days of old; 15- Fancy hotel lobbies; 16- Sniffer; 18- Ring sport with jabs and hooks; 21- Disinfectant brand; 22- "Curses!"; 23- Miner's find; 25- Kansas city that was the end of the Chisholm Trail; 28- Italian greeting; 30- School adjunct orgs.; 33- Farmer's output; 35- Hill insects; 37- Blue shade; 38- More sickly-looking; 39- Like some people's minds; 40- Info on airport displays (abbr.); 43- Where planes fly; 44- "Inferno" poet; 45- "Later!"; 46- At the present; 48- Nonstick surface brand; 50- Get well; 51- Mussel shell coating; 53- First name in Cuban history; 56- Go off course; 58- Overly inquisitive; 60- Swelled head; 61- Bambi's mom; 62- Possess;