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Print Puzzle - "Cold Comfort" by Barb Olson on 9/1/2021
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1- Sigh sounds; 4- Italian restaurant specialty; 9- Co. execs' degrees, often; 13- "We wear short shorts" sloganeer; 15- Speck in the ocean; 16- Spanish surreal painter; 17- Skilled gardener, so to speak; 19- Keep the engine running; 20- Final outcome; 21- Architect's detail, for short; 23- Sun. follower; 24- ___one's ways (stubborn); 25- Many a gold rush settlement, today; 27- Not fit for young viewers; 29- Therapy subject, maybe; 30- Growing pains?; 33- Paperboy's paths: Abbr.; 34- No word of a lie; 38- Give ___ on the shoulder; 40- Love triangle "nombre"; 41- Casanova types; 44- Single bounce, in baseball; 48- "Laid-on" sense of wrongdoing; 51- "It's ___ whoop" ("Don't worry"); 53- Coffee vessel; 54- Skewed opinion; 55- 1980s-'90s Buick sports car; 56- Solar or electrical power: Abbr.; 58- Cushy job with a plush pension, say; 60- Investment fund for coll.; 61- High I.Q. group; 62- Conked out; 63- The "S" in GPS: Abbr.; 64- Inert gas used in welding; 65- Setting that's 30 min. later than the rest of Canada;
1- Pollster ___ Reid; 2- Canada's 22nd Prime Minister; 3- Crash in Cancun; 4- "Moneyball" producer and star; 5- Blondish dye; 6- Semi-melted snow; 7- Time for music?; 8- In ideal circumstances; 9- 1501, to Brutus; 10- Talk trash about; 11- "I'll get that for you, if I may"; 12- Brownish pigments; 14- Smack again; 18- "Nothing to report"; 22- Faceoff taker's pos. in hockey; 25- Work the door at Walmart; 26- Mouth-puckering; 28- Bank acct. input; 31- One who'll give you a hand in poker: Abbr.; 32- Have a hunch?; 34- Flavour of wild meat, often; 35- German auto; 36- "___ Tin Tin"; 37- Web newsgroup service, once; 38- Debaters, say; 39- Round-robin event, for short; 42- Horse wagerer's hangout: Abbr.; 43- Stain of shame; 45- Be obsessive about keeping; 46- Get one's hands on; 47- Says "aw"?; 49- Less common; 50- "... you do if ___ out of tune" (Beatles lyric); 52- Cool cocktail whose name is hinted at in 17-, 25-, 34-, 48- and 58-Across; 55- Actor Reynolds or Gosling; 57- Sch. hand-in; 59- B.C. group with strings and brass;