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Print Puzzle - "Bird Watching" by Gene Antonio on 8/30/2021
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1- Propulsion device; 4- Workforce; 9- On the deep; 13- Informational website; 15- Arm bones; 16- Apply pressure to (with "on"); 17- Bird on a recon mission?; 19- Wear; 20- Believed without question; 21- Sweet liqueur; 23- Loners; 26- Not having anted; 27- Bird from Chicago?; 33- Legal opener; 37- Outrigger sailboat; 38- Brew made from barley and hops; 39- NBC action-adventure series (with "The"); 41- Legendary king of Sweden; 42- Bum or bed follower?; 43- Core group; 44- They're a blast; 46- Actress Ward in "The Fugitive"; 47- Bird sitting at a bar?; 50- Classical beginning; 51- Man's snug-fitting jacket; 56- Unexpected desirable events; 61- Zea mays; 62- Hebrew month; 63- Jolts from a bird?; 66- Dry sherry; 67- Mr. Fudd; 68- Repast; 69- Kind of store or bag; 70- Bring joy; 71- Swedish breed of sheep;
1- Spiritualism of the Caribbean; 2- Having wings; 3- Animated TV series alien; 4- Genus containing pigs; 5- RN's forte; 6- Dwarf buffalo; 7- Half human-half goat creature of Roman myth; 8- Fixation; 9- Feral felines; 10- Pants part; 11- Right when facing north; 12- Feed the kitty; 14- Blue; 18- Big picture; 22- Thin pieces of material (as wood) to fill in spaces; 24- Upset (with "over"); 25- Some clouds; 28- Chic or Loretta; 29- Tilted; 30- Artist colleague of Kandinsky; 31- And others; 32- Zip; 33- Orgs. active during elections; 34- Rat follower; 35- Make over; 36- D. H. Lawrence novel; 40- Free-for-all; 45- Jack on "Barney Miller"; 48- Fabric of Chinese origin; 49- Deaden; 52- Oz's creator; 53- Tannery woker who soaks hides; 54- Internet payment option; 55- Electric vehicle maker; 56- Fish hook; 57- Dr. Liz Wilson is his health care provider; 58- Great ___; 59- Mrs. Beasley for one; 60- "Brave New World" drug; 64- Egyptian god of deserts; 65- Before;