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Print Puzzle - "Choosing Sides" by Barb Olson on 8/27/2021
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1- Alberta's "black gold"; 4- Have an impact on; 10- Four on the floor?; 14- C.F.B. boss, e.g.; 15- Rum drink that means "good" in Tahitian; 16- "Woo hoo!" feeling; 17- Thrice on an Rx; 18- Guy's gala garb; 20- Lincoln and Vigoda, for two; 22- Empty-___ (certain hockey goal); 23- Non-kosher sandwich choice, briefly; 24- Frequent tokers; 26- At ___ distance; 28- Shower with praise; 29- Surest thing; 31- In bitter disagreement; 35- Hung on a clothes line, say; 36- Part of a little boy's make-up, in rhyme; 44- Most kooky; 45- Bat's bedtime; 48- Nostrils, to an otolaryngologist; 49- Pippi Longstockings's hairstyle; 52- It might be the end for Pam?; 53- Duke in "Twelfth Night"; 56- Like a fairy tale duckling; 57- Leaders in title only, as kings and queens; 60- Mfr. of the Safari and Savana; 61- "I get it, I get it!"; 62- Christie's mystery man; 63- "Well,___-di-dah!"; 64- Boulevard ___-Lévesque, Montréal; 65- Intended for, as an email; 66- Brian of ambient rock;
1- Recorded as evidence, say; 2- Great-grandma's refrigerator; 3- "Hot Lips" portrayer Swit; 4- Doz. or oz.; 5- Flora's partner; 6- Rigged, as an election; 7- States: Fr.; 8- Quitter's contraction; 9- Big name in laundry soap; 10- Birdie watching grp.?; 11- "Open, sesame!" speaker; 12- Overweight, euphemistically; 13- Sonnet groupings; 19- Dis passionately?; 21- Broken beyond repair; 25- Capital of Liechtenstein?; 27- Sault ___ Marie; 29- Borscht base; 30- Wagner's earth goddess; 32- They may be stacked against you; 33- Small cave, in poetry; 34- Band booking; 36- Miss intensely; 37- Dissimilar; 38- Finest example; 39- West coast festival, initially; 40- "Make up your mind, ___no?"; 41- Follower's follower; 42- Honolulu hoedown; 43- Do some eel catching; 46- "Small Time Crooks" star Tracey; 47- Shower scene thriller; 49- ___ the sky (unrealistic dream); 50- Major ___ History (aspire to work at the Louvre, perhaps); 51- Awaited one, in a Samuel Beckett play; 54- Sales agents, briefly; 55- Old woman's abode, in a rhyme; 58- Something played at a 42-Down; 59- Pou ___: vantage point;