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Print Puzzle - "Four-Legged Friends" by Mark McClain on 8/24/2021
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1- Orchestra's place; 4- Tower city; 8- Bartlett alternatives; 13- Latin lover's word; 14- Houston ballplayer; 16- Seat of Marion County, Florida; 17- *Cursory inspection; 19- Utility room device; 20- ___ max (full-bore); 21- "A mouse!!!"; 23- Egg ___; 24- "That makes sense!"; 25- *Figure in a 13th century legend from Coventry; 29- Fanciful swimmer; 31- Wedding figures; 32- Tricky curve; 33- Major criminal; 36- Gigantic, in verse; 37- *Mountains that are part of the Appalachians; 39- Written in old Norse figures; 42- Lively musical piece; 43- Cooking oil, e.g.; 46- Egyptian fertility god; 48- "The Electric Lady" vocalist ___ MonĂ¡e; 50- *Ancient form of entertainment; 53- Festive fundraiser; 54- Neurology dept. test; 55- Shakespearean flap; 56- Rarin' to go; 57- Amtrak unit; 60- White House pets (or, in another sense, what's seen in the starred clue answers); 63- Short, but maybe not sweet; 64- Little cuts; 65- Second Amendment org.; 66- Change for a different use; 67- Neuter; 68- Tippler;
1- Fun activity; 2- Makes a pest of oneself; 3- Little horns; 4- Picante sauce brand; 5- Hedger's suffix; 6- French holy woman (abbr.); 7- Like a jumpshot; 8- Physique, in slang; 9- Scanning technology (abbr.); 10- Takes the plunge; 11- Meat department tool; 12- Caustic comments; 15- ___-dokey; 18- The other people; 22- Letters of spydom; 25- "In ___ of gifts, ..."; 26- Freud collaborator; 27- Part of the Pacific Northwest; 28- Eat in style; 30- Big union conglomerate (abbr.); 34- Acapulco gold; 35- Medieval saboteur; 37- Robin or eagle; 38- Omaha Beach event; 39- Egyptian city where a famous stone was discovered; 40- Helped at a wedding; 41- River or Falls; 43- Large wine containers; 44- Lively tempo; 45- Tries to rip apart; 47- "Wanna get away?" carrier, for short; 49- Quaint oath; 51- Easily-shared docs; 52- Tender cuts of meat; 56- Crafter's web market; 58- Web access outfit (abbr.); 59- Minnow catcher; 61- Criticize harshly; 62- Pampering place;