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Print Puzzle - "Bottoms Up!" by Barb Olson on 8/22/2021
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1- Hanging ___ a thread; 5- Be inquisitive, and then some; 8- Itsy partner; 13- Aloha State isle; 14- You might chalk one up playing pool; 15- Put two and two together, maybe; 16- "Wabbit" hunter Fudd; 18- Daimler's tiny two-seaters; 20- Italian city noted for its thin-crust pizza; 22- Derrière, slangily; 23- Animal's throat; 24- Dutch cheese; 25- Email program icon; 27- John A. Macdonald's legacy: Abbr.; 29- Genuine; 31- Balladeer's "before"; 32- Ritchie's dad, to the Fonz; 33- One of the three Rs of environmentalism; 35- Sound technician's knob; 39- ___-Bottle (housebound boozer's "helpline"); 41- 25-Across content: Abbr.; 42- Maker of the Trooper; 43- "Get Smart" episode today; 44- "Chow down!"; 46- "Casual" wk. day; 47- Mil. unit; 49- Have a hankering; 50- Summer cooler?; 51- Erupted (in), as a rash; 55- "Bonne ___" (Baie-Comeau birthday wish); 57- Mary's newsroom boss of '70s TV; 58- Tousle, as hair; 59- Empty threat, in a way; 62- Accepting bribes; 65- Cloglike shoe; 66- Alter for a bigger belly; 67- Musician's play date; 68- Deal-seeker's delight; 69- Sound like a horse; 70- Abbr. in the OED?; 71- Braggarts have big ones;
1- Dark clouds, for some; 2- Kiara's mom in The Lion King films; 3- Fun vehicle for reckless drivers; 4- Upside-down-triangle road sign; 5- Windows openers?; 6- Elf-man who spun straw into gold; 7- Have a hankering; 8- Klutz who often drops things; 9- End for some companies; 10- Words on Valentino's Valentine's card; 11- Wristwatch part; 12- "___ can" (Obama's slogan); 17- Moving the couch over here and the chair over there, e.g.; 19- Rant and ___; 21- Captain Hook's right hand man; 26- Meadowlands; 27- Top officer on the ISS; 28- ___-dieu (kneeling bench); 30- Old, in Old Scottish; 34- Word that leads to a conclusion; 36- Soldier's canvas carryall; 37- Levant of Rebel News; 38- Spill ink on or tear to shreds, say; 40- Follow but not post, on Facebook; 45- The scoop; 48- ___ le monde (everyone: Fr.); 51- Botches; 52- 1998 De Niro thriller set in France; 53- One-up; 54- Cell phone bill factor; 56- Make fun of; 60- Unaccompanied musical bit; 61- Somme summers; 63- "She's the one"; 64- Sidewalk fryer, in an idiom;