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Print Puzzle - "Bedroom Sets" by Barb Olson on 8/16/2021
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1- "There ___ guarantees"; 6- Horseshoe-shaped Greek letter; 11- Trousers zipper; 14- CAA sticker, for one; 15- Place for a piercing; 16- Colourful Swedish rug; 17- Like tomatoes in salsa, say; 18- Landline outlet; 20- Hawaiian guitar, for short; 21- Frog's comment; 23- Big number worn on a sports fan's finger; 24- Ingredient in some tropical cocktails; 28- Pucker-inducing; 29- Charged particle; 30- Yukon or Nunavut: Abbr.; 32- Insomniac's latte request; 35- Intro to -mo; 38- The newspaper media; 42- Cul-de-___ (literally, "bottom of the bag"); 43- Hear again in court; 44- Ends mate; 45- It may be guzzled by a 5-Down; 46- Baby in Baie-Comeau; 48- April Fool's Day enthusiast; 55- Ticker tape, for short?; 56- Not glossy, as a photo; 57- "Make ___ double"; 58- American chain with the slogan "Better ingredients. Better pizza."; 61- They have many sticking points; 63- Hwy. intersection; 64- Mac tack-on; 65- Shot, as photos; 66- Hospital admonishments; 67- Break enjoyed by most Canadians on grocery buys; 68- Prone to back talk;
1- Make sense; 2- Hands-on Japanese healing; 3- A little loopy; 4- "But the broken heart it kens, ___ second spring again ..." ("Loch Lomond" lyric); 5- Push, Pull or Drag Sale arrival; 6- Dr. Seuss's "Hop ___"; 7- Taj ___ (Trump casino); 8- Stir, as a memory; 9- Rural postal address, with "Del."; 10- Darkish suds; 11- Nice change, once?; 12- School on the Seine; 13- Go on and on and on; 19- Sing along with, with "in"; 22- Lit. student's hand-in; 25- Get what one deserves; 26- Onetime CBC host Ghomeshi; 27- Post-secondary sch. in Edmonton; 30- Covers with Cottonelle as a Halloween prank; 31- The Big Band ___; 32- One of two in "ouija"; 33- Serbia's cont.; 34- Farley Mowat novel "Never ___ Wolf"; 35- Main character's tagalongs; 36- It's taken for a trip?; 37- Ashram utterances; 39- Gillette razor, with II; 40- Say with a wink; 41- Timber wolf, or a '70s band name; 45- "Lady" duettist with Tony Bennett; 46- Classic diner order; 47- Removes a DVD; 48- Fruit in a 1996 Disney title; 49- Sales slips: Abbr.; 50- "Can someone turn on the air conditioning?"; 51- Showy tropical plant; 52- CBC Radio's "The World ___"; 53- Major additions?; 54- Vancouver weather word, often; 58- "Bedroom sets" found in 18-, 24-, 38-, 48 and 58 Across; 59- John, in the Netherlands; 60- Acapulco gold; 62- Some remote control batteries;