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Print Puzzle - "Barbershop Quartet" by Barb Olson on 8/10/2021
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1- Heart test, for short; 4- Flat-rocked desert formations; 9- Thick in the head; 14- Harsh soap; 15- Friends in Florence; 16- Hockey coach's call to force a whistle; 17- Holder of a homeowner's loan; 19- Bigger ___ breadbox; 20- Barber's old-school tool for removing stubble; 22- Elves' annual output; 23- Small mountain lake; 24- Barber's substance for stiffening whiskers; 32- Wrath; 35- Joint on a prie-dieu; 36- Supply with weapons: Arch.; 37- One with a sorry story; 39- Chef's milieu; 41- "Piece of cake!"; 42- Paddles in a boat; 43- Number of provinces; 44- Barber's tool for applying lather; 48- Prepare to be shot?; 49- Blunt sword; 53- Barber's tool for trimming chin hair; 58- Frilly and pink; 60- Reacts to a conk on the head; 61- Licorice flavour; 62- Beginning; 63- Pointe of ballet; 64- Ladies of "la belle province"; 65- Bird houses; 66- Time pieces: Abbr.;
1- Freddy Krueger's hangout, briefly; 2- Accord city in Japan; 3- Comedian Dee of CBC's "Family Feud"; 4- "The Gift of the ___" (O. Henry story); 5- Digital edition of "Maclean's," for one; 6- Take a tour bus, say; 7- Varnish material; 8- ___ Club (conservation group); 9- One who's 9-Across; 10- Say "what he said," essentially; 11- Close by; 12- Worker's 9-digit ID; 13- When the flight might land, for short; 18- Aust. island with a devil; 21- Anti-apartheid party, for short; 25- Camel cousin with zebra-like legs; 26- They're the ones in Qu├ębec?; 27- Hot: Ger.; 28- Letter widths in printing; 29- "Hold it!"; 30- "Rule Britannia" composer Thomas; 31- Mutants of Marvel Comics; 32- "Stupid ___ stupid does"; 33- Eczema or hives; 34- Miss Krabappel of "The Simpsons"; 38- Cleveland NBA player, for short; 39- Inattentive to detail; 40- Country neighbouring Braz. and Arg.; 42- Foul, as language; 45- U.S. airer of "This American Life"; 46- Nephew-like boy; 47- Prefix meaning "seven"; 50- Like organic, fuel-rich soil; 51- "Oops" elicitor; 52- Snaky curves; 53- Shade provider on a Stetson; 54- "What ___ is new!"; 55- Agreeable words in Aberdeen; 56- "Once ___ my mind to ..."; 57- Alta. shopper's exemptions; 58- Flit about aimlessly; 59- Words before jam, pickle or stew;