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Print Puzzle - "A Quick Tour of Canada" by Barb Olson on 7/24/2021
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1- Tale about Zeus or Odin; 5- Be a bad actor, in a way; 10- Mems. of the Canadian Bar Assn.; 14- "Able was ___ ..."; 15- The ___ the moon; 16- The old you?; 17- Snicker-___ (dagger); 18- Black-necked goose; 19- Surfer's drop-down list; 20- ___ Artois beer; 22- Hardy heroine; 24- Photo ___ (shutterbug's chances); 25- Word on a ouija board; 26- A bit miffed; 28- Small metric area units: Abbr.; 30- Finnish cell phone company; 31- Un ___ (a little bit: Fr.); 32- Flub, as a slapstick; 35- Bus starter?; 37- Bigger pictures: Abbr.; 41- Red Rose pouches; 43- Occupy a home; 45- Huffy songstress, stereotypically; 46- "I get it, I get it!"; 48- Light ___ (feathery); 49- "Koochie-___!"; 51- '70s poster boy Osmond; 53- Soothed a baby, in a way; 56- Sharpened; 57- Make no mistake?; 60- Alphabet trio; 61- CTV news anchor Sachedina; 63- Seven Seas sailor of fiction; 65- Pearson or Trudeau guesses, briefly; 67- Puff up; 69- "Crikey!"; 70- Move, in realtor lingo; 71- Blow ___ (become unglued); 72- George Orwell's prep school; 73- Hades waterway; 74- Alexandre Trudeau's nickname; 75- Viola Desmond's bills;
1- Little lady; 2- "Fiddler on the Roof" matchmaker; 3- Charts at family reunions; 4- Stiletto shoe part; 5- Begin a voyage; 6- Scratch, scrape or smudge; 7- Playing for the Leafs or Lions, say; 8- Having prongs; 9- "Lord of the Rings" tree people; 10- Bread box, briefly?; 11- TV beach drama set in California; 12- 2200 hrs.; 13- Doctor of kid lit; 21- Classical guitarist Boyd; 23- U-turn from NNW; 27- Fairground booth; 29- Feeling carsick, say; 30- Easy-to-prepare, as ice cream pie; 31- 10-Down input; 32- Bouquet co. with the "Mercury Man" in its logo; 33- "___, O, U, and sometimes Y"; 34- Sailing-related: Abbr.; 36- Camera brand; 38- Raptors' org.; 39- Card deck count, in Old Rome; 40- Bering or Davis: Abbr.; 42- Gloppy gunk; 44- Convenient, in brand names; 47- Noticed by the nose; 50- Mileage guage prefix; 52- Snapple competitor; 53- Pig Pen and Rubber Duck in the song "Convoy"; 54- Santa's reindeer group, for one; 55- In a strange way; 56- "Six of one, ___ dozen of the other"; 57- Had ___ (ate on the run); 58- Fatty menu fowl; 59- Paradises; 62- CEOs' wall hangings, maybe; 64- Dostoevsky's denial; 66- "Red" or "White" baseball team; 68- E-cigarette's lack;