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Print Puzzle - "All Right My Love" by Dean Rockett on 1/15/2006
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1- "Charlie and the Chocolate ___", book by Roald Dahl; 5- Speaks unclearly; 9- Remedies; 10- Supply ready to eat food for a party; 11- Supple, svelte; 12- Nurture, inspire with self-belief; 13- Gives benevolently; 15- Drawing rooms, lazes about; 17- Appease; 19- Use again; 21- Freedoms; 23- Topmost room of the house; 25- Watery fluid, often in the eye; 26- Activated; 27- Act as a go-between; 28- Los Angeles baseball team;
1- Handled carelessly; 2- Military trainee; 3- Group of musicians, often classical; 4- New York baseball team; 5- Movie genre featuring a large number of songs; 6- Former Portuguese colony which borders China; 7- Not alert; 8- Questionnaires, studies; 14- Indian food accompaniment; 16- Not altered; 17- One who travels to a holy place; 18- Letter; 19- Annul; 20- Writes in a secret language in order to disguise the meaning; 22- Cuban-style ballroom dance; 24- Number of performers in a trio;