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Print Puzzle - "Cryptic Tightrope" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 2/1/2010
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1- They've got wisdom in the earth's ages (5); 4- Sorted atoms up, is OK at the end (9); 8- A stupid one backs up a bath sponge! (5); 9- Biscuit isn't a tall pastry! (9); 10- I try a charm to build a female dominated society (10); 12- Second rate lease for a smooth goose? (5); 14- Extinct terrible carnivore - a tyrant lizard, literally! (11); 15- Alarmist? No, I'm regulated by a system of critical thinking! (11); 16- Each one is Oriental, really! (5); 18- Fat jolly man who's probably tired out in January (5,5); 21- instrument to measure height later? About time! (9); 22- Risk around the east turn for downhill slider (5); 23- Drunken cable's a stable walkway - if you balance! (9); 24- Build wines into muscle! (5);
1- Wholesale mall has an place infamous for trials (5); 2- Phantom put down to publish by proxy (10); 3- Pencil and paper? With a letter replaced, they are still inert (10); 4- Ropes twist around a model dilemma (5); 5- A right beam put in an ordered arrangement (5); 6- Escort correctly to a pizza slice in geometry class! (6); 7- Alerts mom about a whirpool (9); 11- Soften a pillow? (7); 12- Adsorbs act, reinterprets and transmits, on TV, maybe? (10); 13- Corrects in time as to an approximation (10); 14- Dismantle to participate (4,5); 17- Replenish without writer, enjoy, in a way! (6); 18- Tangential force to cut off wool (5); 19- Better seller keeps it short and succint (5); 20- Don't pull at it - the last one broke a camel's back! (5);