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Print Puzzle - "Brucie Bonus" by Dean Rockett on 1/12/2006
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1- Foot-operated lever; 4- Conjuring aid; 9- Failed to fulfil a promise; 10- Chinese spaghetti?; 11- Becomes close to; 13- Smooth, glossy fabric; 15- Writing fluid; 16- Animal, similar to a giraffe; 18- Complains; 20- Substitute doctor; 22- Respiratory organs of fish; 23- Golf score; 25- Enchantment, short period of time; 27- Scorch; 28- Earthquakes; 30- This is injected to prevent disease; 32- Waited; 33- Lock of hair;
1- Recurrent; 2- European country with the capital city of Copenhagen; 3- Lower limb; 4- King ___. Everything he touched turned to gold!; 5- Firearm; 6- Circus entertainer; 7- The 1996 Olympic Games were held here; 8- Unpolished; 12- Tempest; 14- Test of character or guilt; 17- Quarrel; 18- Biblical character who received The Ten Commandments; 19- Female necromancer; 21- Admit; 23- Contemplative; 24- Throw a baseball; 25- Nose; 26- Furious; 29- Seated oneself; 31- Feline creature;