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Print Puzzle - "Nice To See You" by Dean Rockett on 1/8/2006
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1- Jail; 5- Sun umbrellas; 9- Mac or PC, for example; 10- Sacred niche; 11- Open carnival area; 12- Facial feature; 13- Laughed; 16- Potion; 17- Mildew; 19- Couturier; 21- You need these to play craps; 22- Sleep disorder; 25- Praying ___, large insect. The female may devour the male during courtship; 26- Bread shops; 27- Lessen; 28- Blacker;
2- Spanish wine; 3- ___man's real name is Clark Kent; 4- Lifelike, unprocessed; 5- Chased; 6- Left-over matter; 7- Becoming smaller; 8- Overwhelming victory, especially in an election; 14- Tropical storm; 15- Woodworker; 18- North African country; 19- Hard-wearing; 20- Outraged, untidy mass of hair; 23- Mistake; 24- Strainer;