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Print Puzzle - "A la carte" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 11/17/2009
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1- Dust car vigorously for sweet dessert sauce (7); 5- Opposes Right, esp. gun jugglers (7); 9- Plain old ice cream flavour (7); 10- Ring of petals, local or otherwise (7); 11- Beer stored in bales? (3); 12- TV addict jumps from couch to sugar? All for yam! (5,6); 14- Orient hesitation with bunnies and chocolate eggs? (6); 16- Eye hand coordination back in bland base, whitened! (8); 19- You can't make it without breaking an egg! (8); 23- Large distance unit in sparse conditions (6); 26- Vice left fey confusedly, practically and forcefully (11); 29- Bird in a bemused state (3); 30- Wealth in a cookie? If it's Chinese, possibly! (7); 31- Cooked in dry heat, not boiled, grilled or fried? (7); 32- Abandon covered sugary starter sweets after a meal (7); 33- At superlatively high temperature (7);
1- French sturgeon's eggs indicate avarice - vaguely (7); 2- Cooks who burn edges have lovely voices (7); 3- Rand's Map book's for African mountains too! (5); 4- God Ra, perhaps, holding a curtain (5); 5- Article assembled for music performance (7); 6- I purl on, untangled to thieve and plunder (7); 7- David's enemy's distress up in old German (7); 8- Sashimi, lobster or oysters? (7); 13- Brat's row holds up the least good (5); 15- Claim has a target at the end (3); 16- Hard working sweet syrup maker (3); 17- Dismay for a quiet friend (5); 18- There, up or down has hidden before (3); 19- Too well nourished on top of Iron and Vitamin (7); 20- Rest off, prepare for trials and (7); 21- Discharge containing chlorine to leave out and keep out (7); 22- Did Neptune's weapon take three hits? (7); 24- Tweaked ghost into royal staff (7); 25- Cold nut mixture unable to contract (7); 27- Our planet's quaking heart (5); 28- Fermenter heard in the Orient (5);