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Print Puzzle - "T for Two and Two for T" by Brooks Reeves on 11/16/2009
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1- Term of respect; 5- Twit; 9- Tunester Michael of R.E.M.; 14- Too; 15- Tire, in French; 16- Trapped one's king; 17- The man, in baseball; 18- Type of class for foreigners: abbr.; 19- They're non-PC; 20- Tricky phrases; 23- Tale beginning; 24- T.G.I.F. part; 25- Thing found in most bathrooms; 32- Trunk of the body; 33- Tres ___!; 34- Turner of TV; 35- Toss in a chip, say; 36- "Thank your lucky ___!"; 38- Tomlin of "All of Me"; 39- "That's gross" in Yiddish; 40- Terrific in slang; 41- Trills gaily; 42- Titanic discoveries; 46- Thesaurus entry; abbr.; 47- Tributary of the Ubangi River; 48- Truck with eighteen wheels; 55- Trend indicator; 56- The old you?; 57- Turner of pop rock; 58- Telecast sound; 59- Three-masted schooner; 60- Teaching segment; 61- Toilers; 62- Talk back to; 63- They're often "XING";
1- TV tower; 2- Tenor's higher-up; 3- "The corn is as high ___ elephant's eye" (song from Oklahama!); 4- The Jungebook's Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, for one; 5- Toastmaster's preparation; 6- Top of the foot; 7- Tabby's cry; 8- Terryclothed dog breed; 9- Taken with; 10- The most domesticated; 11- ___-Tass; 12- Thoracic muscles; 13- The two Begleys; 21- Toward, biblically; 22- Tour stops; 25- Typesetter's substance, now a days; 26- "The Lady ___ Tiger"; 27- Taper off; 28- Title for Elton John; 29- Timesaving; 30- Thrashes; 31- Tasty ice cream brand; 32- Teddy Roosevelt's successor; 36- Transfer on tracks; 37- Tobacco residue; 38- Throw a party; 40- Thriller subjects, often; 41- Title girl in a Kinks hit; 43- Three words after "neat"; 44- Teachers; 45- Typical summer TV fare; 48- Test answer; 49- TAG Heuer competitor; 50- Triumphant baseball brothers; 51- Tennessee county that was the setting of the Scopes monkey trial; 52- Talking point; 53- Tennyson heroine; 54- Tattletales; 55- Trench, for example;