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Print Puzzle - "Trio is messy there" by Kim R-squared on 11/5/2009
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1- Fond of Peter as new military head (7); 5- Booze makes Hal loco (7); 8- Spray peaky cat periodically with fruit (6); 9- Tree a snake up in small ancient city (6); 12- Tree mounds trampled by mammoth (10); 13- Crazy as bird eggs in Cape Town (4); 15- Polish sign seen in Chicago public transport (6); 17- Beneath two European articles (5); 19- Portion of teetotallers corralling drivers (5); 20- Impatient furrow in Tyson’s face (6); 23- Severe weather held up vessel (4); 24- What Crick’s partner heard? Simple! (10); 26- Blackbird seen on Darwin’s ship (6); 27- Animal shy with broken toe (6); 29- Importance of being a sea tern? (7); 30- Reportedly leave sweets (7);
1- Professor is trying so to out perform leaders, Penelope! (7); 2- Sword of sun god on the jetty (6); 3- Breed naughty creature and little boys (10); 4- Deposit in clay foundation (3); 6- Crown sailor with sea creature (4); 7- Shellfish throws up cigarette (7); 10- Put large pint into self and cursed (6); 11- Cow and French slug (6); 14- Sounds like you call and get promises? Sounds good! (10); 16- Got together and let out spirit (6); 18- Photographic equipment became rather central (6); 19- Shake the rest into tattered sock (7); 21- Blacklist cricketer (7); 22- Egg puts me in the slammer (6); 25- Delight in juggle exercises (4); 28- Only Latin daughter is ancient (3);