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Print Puzzle - "Good-bye Guys" by Barb Olson on 7/19/2021
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1- Arranges in a straight row; 7- Minute parts, briefly; 11- Jasper National Park ungulate; 14- Result of a punch in the kisser; 15- Blueish dye; 16- Under the ___ (pressured); 17- Parting words from escape artist Harry Houdini?; 19- Schnozz attachment?; 20- Rap music subgenre; 21- Approached stealthily, with "on"; 23- A Gabor, when doubled; 25- Play in which the word "robot" was coined; 26- Parting words from golfer Tiger Woods?; 33- Prop for "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves"; 35- Summer setting in T.O.; 36- "Bud the ___" (Stompin' Tom tune); 37- Flamenco shakers; 39- Like slingshots and divining rods; 41- Its relative maj. key is F; 42- Shaky times at A.A.?; 44- Restaurant; 45- Parting words from figure skater Scott Moir to skating partner Tessa Virtue?; 48- Vowel string; 49- End of a countdown, in Cuba; 50- Awkward spot for a politician; 53- Crazy old coots; 60- "What ___, chopped liver?"; 61- Parting words from sprinter Usain Bolt?; 63- ___ Speedwagon; 64- Bird house; 65- Weather term meaning "the girl"; 66- It had no room, in the Bible; 67- 5% add-ons at the cash register; 68- Certain beer barrel;
1- Not worth ___; 2- Tibetan priest; 3- Put ___ plastic (use Visa, say); 4- Sound from a guzzler; 5- What picky people pick; 6- Wee bit, as tea; 7- Pupil's place: Abbr.; 8- One who's easy to look at; 9- "Big Raven" painter Emily; 10- Curled-lip countenances; 11- One on a "self"-fulfilling journey?; 12- Real whopper; 13- Sack opening?; 18- Unsettle; 22- Throb, as a bass rhythm; 24- Go out with; 26- Thorn in one's side, maybe; 27- Some wide-eyed states; 28- Part of S.P.C.A.: Abbr.; 29- "Bunch" of '70s TV; 30- On the Atlantic, say; 31- Actor's prompter; 32- Canadian match maker; 33- MCCC doubled; 34- Paul Simon's "___ Rock"; 38- Most portly; 40- Beggar's receptacle; 43- Name on some Canadian newspapers; 46- Moving speedily; 47- Apple for Apple, say; 50- Spy Mata ___; 51- Red sky in the morning, say; 52- St. crossers; 54- "... ___ tĂȘte, Alouette, ..."; 55- And others, briefly; 56- End ___ (football field area); 57- "CHiPs" actor Estrada; 58- Ancient Anglo-Saxon letter; 59- Hose hang-up; 62- Zippy sports cars;