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Print Puzzle - "The Inside Story" by Barb Olson on 7/14/2021
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1- *Synonym of circled word in this answer; 6- *Synonym of circled word in this answer; 11- TV choice for film buffs; 14- For ___ see (in plain view); 15- Chiapas chum; 16- "A likely story!"; 17- *Synonym of circled word in this answer; 19- Paul's Exodus role; 20- King, in Lisbon; 21- Underwear with an underwire; 22- Tank emptied by a "honey truck"; 24- "___ Tu" ("it's you" in a Spanish song); 26- Prepare for the screen, as text; 29- ___ Dinesen (literary pen name); 30- "Stompa" singer Serena; 32- Aspirin inits.; 33- Cockamamie; 34- Given a licking?; 36- Chiding clucks; 38- Scottish equivalent of John; 39- Term for the answers to the starred clues (Hint: they contain "joeys"); 43- Prov. with London and Paris; 44- Honolulu hoedown; 45- Colourist's concern; 46- Enjoy spiritual unity (with); 48- Having one flat, musically; 50- What Pierre puts in his pipe; 54- 18-wheeler; 55- ___ the hills; 57- Coin in the Trevi Fountain, maybe; 58- Thomas with 1000+ patents; 60- Singer Cuddy or Croce; 62- Ending with bump or pump; 63- Snotty Nose ___ Kids (Haisla hip hop group); 64- *Synonym of circled word in this answer; 68- Certain sweater neck; 69- ___ mignon; 70- Nova Scotia cape that sounds like a comeback; 71- Smallish albums; 72- *Synonym of circled word in this answer; 73- *Synonym of circled word in this answer;
1- More sunburn-prone; 2- Queen who wrote mysteries; 3- Battling alongside; 4- Trio after R; 5- Lenin's is in Red Square; 6- Hawaiian pizza's country of origin; 7- German "grandma"; 8- Clearasil target; 9- Expel, as perspiration; 10- Bump on a log; 11- Opiner's "on the other hand"; 12- ___ Trench (ocean crevasse); 13- *Synonym of circled word in this answer; 18- Sinn Féin's parent org.; 23- Stick together, in a way; 25- In a tailor's out pile; 27- *Synonym of circled word in this answer; 28- El ___, Texas; 31- Rule, in French; 33- Has left the office, say; 35- T, in Thessaly; 37- Elec. bill unit; 39- Quite deeply involved; 40- Sprays, as perfume; 41- Oil transport option; 42- "It's the ___ thing" ('70s Coca-Cola slogan); 43- *Synonym of circled word in this answer; 47- Grafton's "___ for Noose"; 49- Tex-Mex wrap meaning "little belt"; 51- Barely-there beachwear; 52- Songlike classical piece; 53- TV role for William Conrad; 55- How the elated walk; 56- "Attack, Cujo!"; 59- Water ___ duck's back; 61- Windowless office equipment?; 65- Wheat: Fr.; 66- Toon pal of Stimpy; 67- Middle X or O;