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Print Puzzle - "Pursuit of Happiness" by Barb Olson on 7/6/2021
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1- Step #1: Look down; 6- Step #2: Gone from the coop; 11- Crunchy morning bowlful; 13- First part of a man's memoir; 15- Became yellow, as a pear; 16- Mexican's directional term for the U.S.; 17- Spacebar neighbour; 18- Putin's place of employ; 20- Util. bill units; 21- Step #3: Isn't dammed up; 23- Winning tic-tac-toe line; 24- Get ___ on the knuckles; 25- Banks in the beauty biz; 26- Step #4: Heeds a "ritardando," in music; 28- Mozart's "___ fan tutte"; 29- Chopped on "Chopped"; 31- Step #5: Vegas token eaters; 32- Religion suffix, often; 35- Ultimate flying saucer?; 38- Selfish-sounding audio brand; 39- Step #6: Spies in a crowd; 41- Facial reaction to pain; 43- Skye of "Say Anything..."; 44- Step #7: Barbeque spindles; 46- Finally lose it; 50- Trampled, with "on"; 51- Get an ___ a test (do great); 52- Step #8: Malice mate in a card game; 53- "Evita" setting: Abbr.; 54- Not be shy in choir; 57- Smoker's buy: Abbr.; 58- Big industry in Bangladesh; 60- Loosen by wearing, as shoes; 62- Enjoying two-gether time?; 63- Abolitionists' target; 64- Step #9: Shakespearean hit; 65- Final step: Upside-down 1-Across;
1- Like girly-girl garb; 2- NBA trophy hoister, 2019; 3- It precedes "Blast off!"; 4- Policy pros; 5- N.Y. Met or L.A. Dodger; 6- Large manuscript pages; 7- Country singer Loretta; 8- "What have we here!"; 9- Area to tinker on a project; 10- Be efficient, as with time; 11- Join skin surgically; 12- Gator tail?; 13- Positioned under; 14- Hate with a passion; 19- Transition suggested by this puzzle's steps; 22- Bread roll?; 24- Often-torn knee part, briefly; 26- Face of a TV: Abbr.; 27- It might ring a tourist's neck; 30- Uncertainties; 31- Triple ___ (orange liqueur); 32- "Did we get the green light?"; 33- Fur pouches on kilts; 34- Personal lettering, as on towels; 36- Two-___ (small-time); 37- Naval rank below Lt.; 40- Danson of the "Fargo" series; 42- Clairvoyant's claim; 44- Singer Buffy ___-Marie; 45- Bridge: It.; 47- 9-m. round landmark in Sudbury; 48- Non need for a nudist; 49- Canadian swim champ Oleksiak; 52- Kettle emanation; 54- Fit comfortably, as passengers; 55- Delivery room docs; 56- Dot com addresses; 59- Nero's 1501; 61- Prefix meaning "bird";