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Print Puzzle - "Parts Unknown" by Barb Olson on 7/2/2021
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1- "I've ___ funny feeling ..."; 5- Stick on, as postage; 10- Code given to a hotel guest; 14- Universal blood grp.; 15- Tummy-down position; 16- Picked locks?; 17- Twice penta-; 18- British war hero memorialized in Trafalgar Square; 20- Beyond cruel; 22- Fla. city of the Magic; 23- Painter some called "the redheaded madman"; 27- Waikiki welcome; 28- Hem but not haw; 29- Peach-on-pavement sound; 31- Oilers, on a scoreboard; 33- "Spare the ___ and spoil the child"; 35- Rocker Quatro; 36- Missing part of 18-Across; 39- Missing part of 23-Across; 41- Missing part of 58-Across; 43- Missing part of 63-Across; 44- Soil-aiding sackful; 46- Dubya's younger brother; 48- Nashville awards grp.; 50- Cheque recipient; 52- L. M. Montgomery's birth prov.; 54- Make ___-ditch effort; 58- Fictional pirate with a parrot named Captain Flint; 61- Manuscript encl.; 62- Having a side dish?; 63- Daryl Hannah's "Kill Bill" role; 67- Prefix with -globin; 68- Video service owned by Disney; 69- Use a prie-dieu; 70- "Writer" of many quotes: Abbr.; 71- Nitwit; 72- Covered in turf; 73- Muscle firmness;
1- "Lady" equestrian who barely rode?; 2- Close soccer-winning score; 3- Genre similar to dubstep; 4- To the left, to the French; 5- "Sounds like ___!"; 6- Warm or cold weather systems; 7- Word with "and a day"; 8- Like Jody-Wilson Raybould, politically: Abbr.; 9- TV tube gas; 10- Thrashes but good; 11- Partners of thens; 12- To and ___; 13- Charged particle; 19- Pieces of work in physics; 21- Telescope brand name; 24- One leaving behind a mess?; 25- Stick together, as in modelling; 26- Not clearly defined; 30- Business lunch bib, maybe; 32- Student's main course: Abbr.; 34- Feast of Stephen mo.; 36- Binky, Yo, or Milk the Cow, e.g.; 37- "Keep it ___, dude"; 38- White bread spread; 40- Seized wheels, say; 42- Google service with an inbox; 45- Brace oneself in fear; 47- Was easy to babysit, maybe; 49- Pretty darn special; 51- "Yipes!"; 53- "... need is a friend ___"; 55- Lubriderm rival; 56- Sunday delivery; 57- Sample tray sign; 59- Bad beaus; 60- Foul-tempered; 63- Trademark Canadianisms; 64- Him, to Henri; 65- Advanced legal deg.; 66- Concert ending?;