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Print Puzzle - "Open Wide!" by Barb Olson on 6/27/2021
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1- Hampers, as one's style; 7- Put on the guest list; 11- Pollutant concentration meas.; 14- With trumpets blasting; 15- Going bananas at Banana Republic; 17- Dental offices, at times?; 19- Where threads are left hanging; 20- Jillions of years; 21- Pungent acid, in chem. class; 23- Charge for a tooth-straightening device?; 27- Pop's Justin, to fans, with "the"; 29- City-related: Abbr.; 30- CARP mems.; 31- Kind of fixation or exam; 32- Driving faster than; 36- What a boastful dentist revels in, on capping a tooth?; 40- Fails to grasp; 41- Streets of Ste-Foy; 43- Mommy has three; 46- Vowel trio; 47- Cul ___; 48- Denture apparatus displaying the wearer's initials?; 53- Inits. for Prince Charles; 54- Santa ___ (California winds); 55- Makeshift toy sword in winter; 57- A second dental connector to match the first one?; 63- Subject to being rubbed out; 64- Like a better ghost story; 65- Unit for Bianca Andreescu; 66- Mil. crime series; 67- Itsy-bitsy;
1- Half-___ (P.M. coffee choice, maybe); 2- Heavy hitter's stat.; 3- "You can come out now!"; 4- Mom-and-pop shop killer; 5- Rap sheet history; 6- Pick up a vibe; 7- ___ Rica; 8- "Ford Nation" prov.; 9- Nanny's noise; 10- Winter setting in Whistler, B.C.; 11- Checks for typos; 12- "Happy Feet" singer Fred; 13- Toys with, as a mind; 16- Workplace for a stevedore; 18- Obtain; 21- "Game of Thrones" airer; 22- No. of Reader's Digest readers; 24- Created in God's ___; 25- "If ya know what I mean" gesture; 26- Organic compound; 28- ___ Québécois party; 32- Tick off; 33- Accost for cash; 34- Granny has two; 35- "Heads up, Tiger!"; 37- Take orders from diners; 38- Acted the fool, per an idiom; 39- Number etched in stone, often; 42- PAC meeting place: Abbr.; 43- Gets around?; 44- Beef pattie?; 45- Address sharply; 47- Ruling from the top; 49- Baffin and Vancouver, e.g.: Abbr.; 50- Some lo-cal beers; 51- 11 or 1, in blackjack; 52- Land called "The Roof of the World"; 56- Moola in Milan, once; 58- "Am ___ idiot, or what?!"; 59- Gem streaming network; 60- "Muslim Interrupted" comic Hassan; 61- Kenmore competitors; 62- Suffix with quack or mock;