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Print Puzzle - "Ode to Otis" by Barb Olson on 6/24/2021
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1- Eggy quaff; 4- Country's econ. yardstick; 7- High-rung hiree: Abbr.; 10- "Why?" vocalist Yoko; 11- Battery-operated butt; 13- Sure-footed; 15- "Ni ___" (Chinese "hello"); 16- "I can't say ___ to that!"; 17- Melody by Mozart, maybe; 19- Sequence: Fr.; 21- Hangar contents; 23- Myers' "groovy, baby!" spy role; 25- Don't just want; 26- Winnipeg winter hrs.; 27- French town on the Moselle; 28- "Pretty Woman" star Richard; 29- Social following?; 30- Fills with new tenants; 31- ___ Bator, Mongolia; 32- Its cap. is Sydney; 33- Hula hoop?; 34- Charmin and Purex, for short; 35- A '90s "Star Trek" series, to fans; 37- Word to a depressing doctor?; 39- Vowel-heavy Melville title; 41- Get angsty over; 44- Opposite of sing.; 45- Afghan-Canadian director Ariel ___; 46- Prime Minister Borden's place, chronologically; 47- Lead-in to Juan or Jose; 48- Prod, as into mischief; 49- Ontario ski city on Lake Simcoe; 50- Question to a masked friend, perhaps; 53- Nasty ring around the collar?; 54- Shops on the cheap; 55- Tory foe, once; 57- "Home of the brave"; 58- Have ___ for (can sniff out); 59- Void mate; 60- "Gloomy" guy; 61- Org. with a yellow-framed magazine; 62- Titter bit; 63- Worked (up);
1- One without a chance; 2- Like hanging soap; 3- Film in which Robin Williams plays a therapist (1997); 4- Boomer/millennial divides, say; 5- Boot camp bigshot: Abbr.; 6- Souvlaki bread; 7- "Dracula" woman Harker; 8- Idly scanning, as a magazine; 9- Runs another I.Q. on; 12- Elevator rider's query ... and this puzzle's theme (see circled letters); 13- IBM's cloud data service; 14- Mineral-rich section in northern B.C.; 18- In ___ (hot and bothered); 20- CBC reporter Filippone; 22- Old movie rolls; 24- Zippy Mercedes models; 34- "..., ___ the least"; 36- Spanish for "black"; 37- Extreme point in an orbit; 38- Yukoner's western neighbour; 40- Onetime Chairman ___-tung; 41- Birth mo. of many Pisces; 42- "The National" political panel; 43- Sunrise area; 51- American med. plans; 52- Grunted negative; 56- Island in "le fleuve";