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Print Puzzle - "Seeing Double" by Richard Shlakman on 6/16/2021
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1- Possesses; 5- It soothes; 9- Playoffs with 4 teams still alive; 14- What came before you?; 15- Penultimate fairytale word; 16- First company to make an upright freezer; 17- Type of energy; 19- See 56 across; 20- Winged Mercury's footwear; 21- Market change in using a service, induced by mobile technology; 23- Length X width; 25- The Halos on the scoreboard; 26- Nature photographer Adams; 29- Clubs; 35- Regulator of insider trading, for short; 36- Folksinger Woody's son; 38- Conger catcher; 39- Did a blacksmith's job; 41- Keeping up with the Joneses, say; 43- Not esto or eso; 44- Ruling threesome; 46- It precedes riches and Horatio Alger tales; 48- Diagnostic procedure assessing motor neuron health; 49- New file set created within an existing category; 51- USA___; 53- "Absolument!"; 54- Hints that can come from offstage; 56- With 19 Across an event at Wimbledon and a hint to the circled letters in 17, 29, 49, and 65 across; 60- It comes between Cancer and Taurus; 64- Home to Bollywood; 65- Changes the Earth's grade; 68- Gimlet ingredient; 69- Wine area in the Piedmont; 70- French: fils: German::____; 71- Used a whetstone; 72- Hot___; 73- Use a red pen;
1- Places to pick your pony, for short; 2- "Easy there!"; 3- The usual subject of a sentence; 4- Counter treat; 5- Scarlett O'Hara, say; 6- It often crosses a St.; 7- Guitar innovator Paul; 8- Enterprise helmsman; 9- Something twins share; 10- Emirate VIP; 11- Longest of the skirt length choices; 12- Don Juan's mother; 13- One named, Nigerian-born Grammy winner; 18- "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" girl; 22- A jerk,e.g.; 24- With appropriate skill; 26- Admin. aides; 27- India's first prime minister; 28- What Shaggy calls his dog; 30- France's longest river; 31- "Xanadu" rock grp.; 32- Selected; 33- Marilyn Monroe's birth name; 34- Definitely not woke; 37- Measure of insulating capability; 40- Small variance amounting to nothing, briefly; 42- Cop who's often undercover; 45- Flavored drink mix; 47- Knight's mount; 50- Oust, as an attorney; 52- Take in by absorption; 55- Tangerine relatives with wrinkles; 56- Place setting piece; 57- "I'm clued in."; 58- Relative of ramen; 59- Vitriol; 61- Polo shirt recommended in "The Preppy Handbook"; 62- Soft drink that sounds like a midi skirt length; 63- Not so; 66- "For the Boys" grp.; 67- India Inc.?;