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Print Puzzle - "Body Double" by Barb Olson on 6/13/2021
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1- Pig pal of Charlotte; 7- Dundee dissents; 11- Bunch of racket; 14- Pop singer Grande; 15- Julian Assange's lawyer Clooney; 16- Quebec town or a cheese made there; 17- Using a spud scrubber; 20- Carpenter that destroys wood; 21- 3, 4 and 5 of 26; 22- Unethical; 23- Molson merger partner; 25- Sumac with a 5-octave range; 26- Much John Deere equipment; 31- "Strikeout King" pitcher Ryan; 33- Suddenly go kaput; 34- Blood-typing syst.; 35- "___ omen" (Latin phrase for "touch wood," loosely); 37- Chicken-King link; 38- "Little cake" to a Cancun cook; 41- More adoptable at the pound, maybe; 43- Study up on courtroom lingo; 46- ___-Glo (dog eye care brand); 47- Get the lead out?; 48- Noted Toronto law school; 52- Truckers' radios; 53- Word with Tuesday or City; 56- Transport retail goods; 59- Spanish "the"; 60- Raison d'___; 61- Teases to no end; 62- Choose A, B or C, say; 63- Lukewarm assessment; 64- Souvenir shop buy;
1- Ontario home of a 28-ft. tall Canada goose; 2- Country with a Supreme Leader; 3- Rattle off; 4- Scrooge's utterance; 5- Mythical beast in an Irish Rovers tune; 6- Setting for mixed music?; 7- Go out briefly?; 8- Mine in Mascouche; 9- What "I'll" do "if I'm wrong"; 10- ___ Sammy Sosa; 11- House part with many openings?; 12- Chain with a play area called Småland; 13- Old org. of the Ottawa Fury FC; 18- Genesis of an idea; 19- ___ fro; 23- Roadside assistance grp.; 24- It's the wurst; 26- Botanist's concern; 27- Inflation rate meas.; 28- Computer connection?; 29- Get one's dander up; 30- Part of M/D/Y; 31- Coast-to-coast-to-coast: Abbr.; 32- Duck instrument in "Peter and the Wolf"; 35- Make mention of; 36- Wheat: Fr.; 39- Marching mob; 40- T4 slip figures; 41- Some private jets; 42- Be a lousy lover, in a way; 44- Part of the back or the foot; 45- Blue brewer; 48- Home of Norway's A-ha; 49- Home addition for a tinkerer; 50- Basic idea; 51- Writes wrong; 53- "Done!"; 54- Study of stars: Abbr.; 55- A proctor oversees it; 57- Top-rung businessperson; 58- Dumb comment?;