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Print Puzzle - "A Nod to the Venerable Bede" by Mark McClain on 6/11/2021
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1- Stones; 6- Clean up; 10- Asks desperately; 14- Traditional snow house; 15- Has the deed to; 16- ___ Jazz (NBA team); 17- Loss of talented people to another nation or region; 19- Military color scheme; 20- Get busy with a needle; 21- Check of the books; 22- Cut corners; 23- Exam; 24- Fancy country homes; 25- Worldwide; 29- Fancy party; 30- Exploding stars; 31- You, in olden times; 33- Beavers' constructions; 37- App downloader; 38- Draws back in alarm; 39- Elongated circle; 40- Belgrade resident; 41- Livens (up); 42- Pig; 43- Individual thing; 45- Provided money for; 46- Came to the same conclusion; 49- Acute; 51- Not sophisticated; 52- More massive; 53- Tree with compound leaves; 56- Root crop that poi is made from; 57- Stand-in for some movie scenes; 59- List shortener; 60- Perched on; 61- Early synthetic fabric; 62- Big name in computers; 63- Abbr. for some profs; 64- Runs away from;
1- Bones in a cage; 2- Fairy tale monster; 3- Feline weapon; 4- Fish in a garden pond; 5- Classical works for one or two, usually; 6- Sentence units; 7- Hold on for; 8- Agitated state; 9- Cable channel for buyers; 10- Get to work in a serious way; 11-'s business; 12- Beta follower; 13- Small stores; 18- "Hamilton" contest; 22- Take a chair; 24- Migrating flocks of geese; 25- Wildebeests; 26- Come up short; 27- Finished; 28- Classic Mattel playmate (a billion+ sold); 29- Doctor's charges; 31- The other side; 32- Replaceable joint; 34- Enthusiastic; 35- Some horse hair; 36- Winter slider; 38- Ran like the wind; 42- Opening in some sedans; 44- Golf ball supporter; 45- Chicken farmer's purchase; 46- Played a role; 47- Storm drain cover; 48- Out in the country; 49- Congrats; 50- Great Pyramid locale; 52- Red ___ (cinnamon candy); 53- Up to the task; 54- Berry uses in some liqueurs; 55- Lady lobsters; 57- Ovine bleat; 58- Web addr.;