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Print Puzzle - "Four-closure" by Barb Olson on 6/9/2021
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1- With 74-Across, novel by 32-Down; 5- From N. of the 49th; 8- In abundance; 14- Opening numbers?; 16- Pioneering web forum; 17- Leaves and is barred from returning?; 19- Go one better than; 20- One of a wet septet; 21- Bear with a too-hard bed; 22- Baseball two-outers: Abbr.; 25- Aurora's Greek counterpart; 27- Work on an apron, maybe?; 29- His or her, in Hull; 30- Sequel featuring TV hillbilly Clampett?; 34- Wouldn't know from ___; 35- "Weekend Update" sketch show; 36- It flows in the "fleuve"; 37- Hamilton footballer, to fans; 39- Busy place in January, often; 41- Utensil to the right of a plate; 45- "Do ___ favour, ..."; 47- Cell phone data?: Abbr.; 49- "Disco Fire" record maker; 50- Is a blubbery spelling contestant?; 54- Beyond rescue, in the E.R.; 55- Atlas high point: Abbr; 56- Noisy racket; 57- Keyboard "panic button"; 58- Wrist-elbow connector; 60- Ending for ball and Wall; 62- Abbr. on many CDs; 64- Polka party song for ballerinas?; 70- Looking unwelcoming, as a door; 71- Crusades, notably; 72- "Good gracious!"; 73- Le Carré figure; 74- With 1-Across, book title on which this puzzle theme is based;
1- "___ me with a spoon!" ('80s "ugh!"); 2- Acapulco gold; 3- Maiden name lead-in; 4- It's right on the map; 5- Cost-cutter's cutouts; 6- Toxic insecticide; 7- Report from Renaldo; 8- Sore stomach, crudely; 9- Flicked bit of a butt; 10- ___ Day (February 29); 11- Safe at second, say; 12- Hauled in the harvest; 13- Certain lab burners; 15- Lovey-dovey murmurer; 18- "___ guys like you for breakfast!"; 22- F-bomb's much milder cousin; 23- Piggie-painting session; 24- Distinctly disconnected, in mus.; 26- Spotify selection; 28- Fine furniture wood; 31- So-called "fifth taste"; 32- Gillian who wrote 1+74-Across; 33- Deep-sixes; 38- Overflow (with); 40- '70s fad ring revelation; 42- "How hard can ___?"; 43- Membership dues, e.g.; 44- Baseboards heat, e.g.: Abbr.; 46- Knock the socks off; 48- With a sarcastic edge; 50- Nudist's body?; 51- Approached E, on the road; 52- "Why am ___ surprised?"; 53- Wrap up no later than; 54- Pasta wheat; 59- Mutt's mouthful, maybe; 61- Utmost degrees; 63- "Hi and Lois" hound; 65- Poetic "above"; 66- Start to skip and jump?; 67- Bollywood's Aishwarya ___; 68- School learning triplet; 69- Anglophile's corr. course, maybe;