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Print Puzzle - "Dog Gone It" by Barb Olson on 6/6/2021
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1- A little airheaded; 6- AK-47 relatives; 10- Rig radioer; 14- "___ you to!" ("Prove you can!"); 15- Caesar's "I conquered"; 16- New staff member; 17- Bummed out cobbler?; 19- Real estate plot; 20- Bear market urging; 21- Un-PC purchase?; 22- Request from; 23- Belfast clock owners after a time change?; 27- Yiddish twit; 30- Walking ___ (elated); 31- "Gotcha!"; 32- Shape of Calgary's stadium; 36- Psychiatrist office piece, in comics; 39- Well-tanned gofer?; 42- The al. in et al.; 43- Fanciful idea; 44- Take a fast break?; 45- Outlandish outfit; 47- Transfer over, in arithmetic; 49- Toblerone taste test site?; 54- Like the Apollo missions; 55- Essay count: Abbr.; 56- Lake, in Lisbon; 60- Black cuckoo birds; 61- Niels Bohr and Hans Christian Andersen?; 64- Game using sevens to aces; 65- Didn't know from ___ (had never met); 66- Hole locale in the atmosphere; 67- Roget offerings: Abbr.; 68- Enjoys the sound of one's voice, say; 69- Steamy communiqu├ęs;
1- Kid's claim?; 2- Bone ___ (really lazy); 3- Hockey's Henderson or Coffey; 4- Early tourney round, for short; 5- "Yuppers"; 6- Eyeball diagram areas; 7- Nada; 8- Stuff in a hotel machine; 9- What Marcie calls Peppermint Patty; 10- Tear a strip off; 11- Squabble about; 12- Popup word with 404; 13- Snorkelling spots; 18- British L.P. label; 22- ___ standstill; 24- "The Little Prince" flower; 25- Maestro Georg whose name contains two notes; 26- January, to Juan; 27- Tale told by a big talker?; 28- HDL or LDL; 29- Many a Dalhousie University student; 33- Cancel, as a contract; 34- Words with line, hint or bomb; 35- Crime novel title?: Abbr.; 37- "Cape ___" (Nolte/De Niro film); 38- Very "Yorkville"; 40- Makes with a mold, as toy cars; 41- Machu Picchu dweller, once; 46- City with Raptors and Jays: Abbr.; 48- Like a house on fire; 49- It's taught at finishing school; 50- Like a GQ model; 51- Fine-tune; 52- Mild Dutch cheeses; 53- WWII landing vessel; 57- Strong as ___; 58- Mannerly man, for short; 59- Suffixes for sugars; 61- Like apparel in a carol; 62- Suggested dietary qty.; 63- Behaviour coach's go-aheads;