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Print Puzzle - "A Few Final Words" by Barb Olson on 6/3/2021
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1- *Court order?; 8- Noncommercial commercial: Abbr.; 11- Critter that bit King's Cujo; 14- Full of jest and joviality; 15- Evidence of a car keying; 17- Quirky quality; 18- *How the ill-advised learn, with "the"; 19- "How could I ___ stupid!"; 20- Name with Tia or Santa; 21- *Forehead feature of the befuddled; 28- Kingly Shiite title, with 53-Down; 31- Polished "piggy" parts; 32- Dual identity abbr.; 33- *Apron-string clinger, to bullies; 35- Containing steamier scenes; 38- "This is awesome!"; 39- Ousted, as a dictator; 40- Hosed at the gas station, say; 41- *Comment to an antisocial layabout, maybe; 42- Where scrubs are worn: Abbr.; 43- Attended; 44- Short form of Benedict; 45- *Finally gets it; 50- The ___ "we"; 51- "Mighty" trees; 55- *Beatles-style hairdos; 58- To the left, to the French; 61- ____-de-Beaupré (town near Quebec City); 62- Word game with a gallows drawing; 63- Levy not charged on most food; 64- It rises in "el este"; 65- Deluxe ... or what the last words of the answers to the starred clues can be;
1- "This looks like ___ for Superman"; 2- Rich mineral deposit; 3- Screen types after CRTs; 4- ___ the mill (average); 5- "Terre" in "la mer"; 6- Airline for ABBA; 7- Excuse-making utterances; 8- Pooh-poohing sounds; 9- Rid of the hiccups, in a way; 10- Dry-sounding deodorant brand; 11- "Just a heads up," in a text; 12- Obama's health plan inits.; 13- Your, of yore; 16- Just one tiny blob; 20- "Holy ___!"; 22- Lose sight of, in a way; 23- Like King's Cujo; 24- Violent protest; 25- Sun-dried grape; 26- Toronto's ___ Centre (theatre bought by Sony); 27- Fended (off); 28- Baja boy friends; 29- In great abundance; 30- "... stirring, not even ___"; 34- Middle-of-the-road: Abbr.; 35- Touch base again?; 36- Beat ___ to one's door; 37- Mustard's title in Clue: Abbr.; 39- Arnaz of "I Love Lucy"; 41- Audacity; 43- Sneakily avoid, with "out"; 46- Mlle. in Madrid; 47- Preschooler's TV heros, often; 48- "Sleep" prefix with therapy; 49- "Too bad for you!"; 52- Highest point; 53- See 28-Across; 54- "Mail" an email; 55- Brief email?; 56- "Sudden death" periods; 57- Household pointer, maybe; 58- Hot tubber's sigh; 59- Moo goo ___ pan; 60- "The Ice Storm" director Lee;