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Print Puzzle - "Wronging the Writes" by Barb Olson on 5/30/2021
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1- Word heard before [click]; 4- Hurly-burly; 10- Freebies from sales reps, often; 14- A string of love letters?; 15- At the job location; 16- "Oh, before ___ you go, ...."; 17- With "the," Salinger book about a boozy baseball player?; 20- "Oh Lord, not a chance!"; 21- Seeks support from; 22- Former Saskatchewan premier Wall; 25- WWII French battle city; 26- Golding book about a nobleman's insect collection?; 32- "The Brady Bunch" boy; 33- "... you're as charming as an ___, Mr. Grinch"; 34- Canadian home reno stores; 35- Colgate rival; 36- Places to pick up puppies; 39- "Confusion" grp.; 40- Thick-walled bank chamber; 42- Word with flung or fetched; 43- Pic blowups: Abbr.; 44- With "the," Shakespeare satire on Yuk Yuks gaffes?; 48- In ___ (as found); 49- Dr. ___ Spengler ("Ghostbusters" role); 50- Car with a gutless engine; 54- Thick smoke?; 58- Trump book about haggling over a Van Gogh?; 61- Toronto FC's ___ Alvaro da Cruz Junior; 62- Beverly Cleary's "pest"; 63- Whiz opener; 64- '70s David Cassidy hairdo; 65- Blurbs from @JustinTrudeau, e.g.; 66- Subject of CBC's "Under the Influence";
1- One "Bjorn" to play tennis?; 2- Toy you can walk the dog with; 3- Scratched (out); 4- Writer ___ de Balzac; 5- "A Place to Grow" prov., as of 2019; 6- ___ Kosh B'Gosh clothing; 7- Hotfoots it, old-style; 8- With no markup; 9- Wellness; 10- Woodwind whose name means "small" in Italian; 11- K-12, for short; 12- Nair shelfmate; 13- Ocean passages: Abbr.; 18- Buddy-buddy (with); 19- Workers who'll floor you?; 23- "Gimme ___, it'll come to me"; 24- No work-shirker; 26- Tuck in Sherwood Forest; 27- Ring-tailed critter with two tongues; 28- Bit of newscast nothingness; 29- Make one's hair stand ___; 30- Badminton back-and-forth; 31- U.K. mil. honours; 32- "I ___ at the office" (cheap excuse?); 36- Mark on a Mountie's pantleg; 37- Watch part with hands, oddly; 38- Fairy tale prince, once; 41- Poster words above Lassie's picture, maybe; 43- Choice word?; 45- Late Canadian storyteller McLean; 46- Wanted man in westerns; 47- Barista favourites with chocolate; 50- School bake sale grps.; 51- "Ain't gonna happen"; 52- "Trillion" prefix; 53- Book used as a doorstop, maybe; 55- Lady in "A Star is Born"; 56- Run ___ light; 57- Posties' assignments: Abbr.; 59- Away team, to the home crowd; 60- Big bang cause;