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Print Puzzle - "Two Clues" by Gene Antonio on 5/27/2021
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1- Pertaining to a main point; 6- Ski mecca; 11- Dies from a drug; 14- Intestinal bacteria; 15- Oswald's occupation in "The Canterbury Tales"; 16- French artist Pierre Auguste ___; 17- Distance measuring device, or mountain explorer?; 19- Process for extracting difficult to recover oil, initially; 20- Dog in old Rome; 21- Friend of Spanky and Darla; 23- Let go; 25- Boys night out; 27- Excessive quantity; 28- Malleus's place; 29- Close contest, or glossy perhaps; 32- Word with box or joint; 34- Type of phobia; 35- In precise adjustment; 38- Spurt forth in drops; 42- Most new drivers; 44- On the verge of crying; 45- Grilling, or professor's need?; 50- Youth org.; 51- Avatar of Vishnu; 52- Suffix for minerals and fossils (pl.); 53- Delta alternative; 54- Axillae; 57- Love affair; 59- Gulager of Hollywood; 60- Tense, or beyond the ideal?; 64- A long. long time; 65- Same; 66- Essential oil; 67- Hwy.; 68- Interior furnishings; 69- Type of thread;
1- In favor of, in the sticks; 2- South American tuber; 3- Mozart wrote many; 4- Aquatic plants; 5- Mortgage; 6- Blue blood; 7- One of 100 in D.C.; 8- Teachers; 9- First name in dare devils; 10- Foam-based toy name; 11- Simple eyes; 12- Blockhead; 13- Wide river valley; 18- Angle; 22- Male relation on the father's side; 23- Part of Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS); 24- Wading bird; 26- Words between one and time; 29- Opened with difficulty; 30- Dandy; 31- Seeing red; 33- Lure into a compromising act; 36- Beatty or Buntline; 37- Related to a common type of metamorphic rock; 39- Small portable cabinets; 40- Celtic language; 41- Robert in "The Dirty Dozen"; 43- NCO; 45- Private eye, often; 46- Strumpet; 47- Not susceptible; 48- Wordsworth's "The Solitary ___"; 49- J.D. Salinger title character; 53- Islamic jurist; 55- Apple tablet; 56- It may be tall; 58- Spoken; 61- Ring decision; 62- "Silent" POTUS; 63- Three, in music;